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According to Wikipedia, software development covers ‘computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing.’ In short, it includes everything that can happen within the realm of conceptualising and initiating functional software.

If we go by this definition, the domain includes mighty bits like Programming Languages, Algorithms, Data Structures, and what not! You need to sit in front of a computer and incessantly experiments things with these tools. ‘Software engineering’ has been mothered by this very domain, don’t you think?

However, over the years, a new term has outpaced the concept. ‘Web development’ as we know it, has become mainstream as of now. It is in demand and every professional working in the digital space is harping on about it.

Web Development Company

Unfortunately, it still is a vague term. Web developers sometimes belong to organisational categories like product management and at other times to design. Where did it go wrong? What’s the confusion about? Where’s the missing link?

Here’s the clue – what do you call a person who writes codes?

Now, a software development company in India will employ professionals who can ‘write’ the following:

  • Database queries
  • Backend codes.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript.
  • SQL

progeammer writes codes

Interestingly, professionals in this field cannot limit their speciality to just one amongst these tasks. They have to know it all. Or to say, they will eventually end up doing all the tasks. They are the creators of templates; they are the ones who concern about terms like ‘backend’ and ‘frontend’

Found the missing link?

Yes, web development arises from the very core of software development itself! Let’s go back to the times when Yahoo! was talking about ‘web development’ and had even framed a role for the potential domain. The company was trying to make a mark in the changing times.

In a sense, Yahoo! was the company that actually inspired the evolution of every web development company in Kolkata, other parts of the country and even beyond. By the same token, terms like ‘frontend engineer’ also came up. This was the time when Facebook and Twitter didn’t hold the reigns of the digital world and Google was known as a search engine.

The concept has come of age.

Yahoo!’s contribution has given birth to present-day methodologies like progressive enhancement and interfaces like open APIs. Frontend already received its glory a decade ago. Today, we are talking about UI, UX, and web interfaces that are utilitarian, which is nothing but a payoff of the past attempts.

software development company

So, now you know, web development has ‘engineering’ in every bit of its existence. It is software development which pumps as the domain’s heart. The rest of the creation keeps on developing dynamically on this very base. Thus, a person who creates web application should also be a master hand at software development.

At present times, when there’s a digital war going on between the search engines and social media networking sites, it is essential that you understand the two fields are overlapping. Do let us know what you feel about it.


In the field of technology, India has come a long way. The last ten years has saw a massive change in the software development sector. With increasing demand of software requirements for kinds of business, software companies in India have been lucky. The software and web development process is now more consumer-oriented. The country serves as an important platform for reputed program development companies.

Software development services in India

The reputable software development companies in India make the best techniques and practices to prove their skill globally. All the website owners or businessmen across the world are not aware of the required comprehension in the software development field. So, instead of hiring professionals internally and spending a lot on the monthly salary, they prefer outsourcing the job for developing different software and applications.

The reputable software development companies located across different metro cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad follow a stringent SDL (Software Development Life) cycle. Expert professionals, which include project managers, quality analysts, program testers, software architects, researches, developers, and so on execute these tasks. This makes easy for the customers to get a quality product, within the stipulated timeline. The affordable costs are also a major aspect in choosing Indian companies for development.

The procedure for software development is unfathomable, and it becomes a tedious job to select the right enterprise to outsource the job. India has a number of software development companies, which offer the best quality of software solutions at competitive prices. These offshore companies in India are agile in eminent technologies and competently deliver outstanding results. The cost-effectiveness and high quality products make India the most desired and congenial destination for outsourcing software development tasks.

Growth of software development companies in India

In the past couple of years, with establishment of major IT giants, the software development companies in the country have grown immensely. The companies have created a strong grip over the software development industry.

Job prospect for a software developer in India

Today, nobody even dares to think of surpassing the IT boom in the country. However, along with growth, the challenges are increasing as well. This overwhelming growth has created a huge competition among the top-notch companies. Each company is working and planning to outdo the rest and stay on the top of the success ladder. Multinationals are also offering attractive salary package to the skilled developers. A software development company in India recruits developers on the basis of technical skills and years of experience. A good command over communication skills and English language put them on an extra edge. As software developer also deals with project management and budget planning. The software development field in India is growing and a person with the right skills can reach the zenith.

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