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Let’s ask ourselves this question – why do we implement ERP? – For better reporting within enterprises; for simplifying tasks; for the cloud and of course, the analytics.

In fact, Enterprise Resource Planning can be the most effectual investment a company would ever make. Everything gets integrated – finances with sales, human resources with production. In short, it takes a company to the next level of progress, turning it into an entity of versatility and heightened productivity.

But like they say, ‘with success come challenges.’ Our technologically minded world is dynamic and ever-changing. It needs to be refreshed every now and then with innovation and better ideas. ERP solutions are no different. They are often questioned – WHAT NEXT?

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So here we are, with this year’s latest trends; as of now they are defining what we call Enterprise Resource Planning.

1. Hybrid-Cloud Model

All-cloud Enterprise Resource Planning could be the future. But, at present, the market experts are favouring the hybrid-cloud model. Organisations that use it merge their cloud applications with the on-premise ones.

In short, it’s a way of utilising the essence of both the worlds. Needless to say, this should be the final nail in the coffin of the ‘cloud vs. on-prem’ debate. Should your company be needing ERP in Kolkata, make sure to opt for the hybrid model.

2. CRM Frenzy

This is a special craze with consumer-centric companies. The period is that of heavy recession and the performance graph of most business entities is fast declining. Not using customer data to their best interest could be a possible threat to such companies. This is why purchasers of the software suite are demanding CRM to be infused in it.

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3. Mobile ERP

Nobody would deny the rising use of smartphones and tablet PCs. These devices have gripped us all for good. Companies have noticed this trend; they wish to customise the suite, so that it complies with the changing technology. All Indian ERP companies must meet this growing appetite for mobile Enterprise Resource Planning.

4. SMB Adoption

Until now, Enterprise Resource Planning was a preferred (rather, affordable) solution for large sized businesses and top industry players. However, the hesitation has been overcome. Today, small businesses are adopting it as well, despite the intricacy and cost.

Interestingly, a large chunk of the SMB industry still cannot get the hang of the software, except that it helps their business. It has thus, become the responsibility of the ERP companies in Kolkata and beyond to explain the nitty gritty of the suite.

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As of now, these are the hottest trends in the market. And it won’t be stopping here. Like we discussed, the field is dynamic. It will always keep asking – what next?


The ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning software is required to incorporate all the major operational sections within a company to work as a whole. This software helps in the easy flowing of information and exchange of ideas that initiates the swift decision making leading to the increase in the yield and profit margin of any organization.

This software lends a corporation the strength to function faster but in a approach that is well organized. If you feel that your organization cannot bear the expense of one time installation of this software, you can opt for modular packages. However, different organizations have different needs and installation of modular software is essential to meet up with the dynamic requirements of a company.

You need a high-end ERP software solution for keep pace with the shifting requirement in the economic world and separate yourself from your competitors. A lot of strategy and a huge cost is involved in a proper implementation of the software though it compensates the requirement of any investment in the long run.

This type of software is most desirable as it accommodate the requirements of industries in every sector like manufacturing, healthcare, IT and government sector. The most important benefit of this software is its easy scalability. The data can be accessible from anywhere whenever required that results in the increasing of the level of production.  This is the reason why most organization are searching for a topnotch ERP Company in India for providing the best software service in a pocket friendly price.

This software not only supports the marketing and sales related issues of organizations but also keeps the record of production, distribution and inventory of an organization. It also plays an important role in positioning the right person in the right job. It also has a lot to do with customer care service were it takes up all the customer queries and make sure that deliveries are done on time.

Many web development and web hosting in India have stepped into developing ERP software for their clients. You can choose any one of them from the website. However, before you do so, do not forget to get a review of their work through the clients testimonials provided on their websites.

ERP CompanyAre you worried with the performance of your company, in spite of investing a huge capital and having experienced workforce? Are you considering of upgrading your trade with ERP services? With the advent of modern technology, all the businesses, irrespective of being small or big, find it important to upgrade their systems to meet today’s demand. To have better operational activities, many companies show a preference for ERP solutions.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a computerized application to manage all the external and internal resources in an organization. These solutions are applied to enhance various business activities, which include human resources, accounting and finance, supply chain management, and so on. Proper upgrade and implementation of ERP result in smooth coordination among the various departments and proper utilization of assets.

A company has a number of departments. It becomes tedious to handle and manage activities of all the departments. ERP solutions act as a boon, by rendering support to the organization, in optimizing inventories, improving customer care services, and managing the overall business. As a result, the organization sees an increased ROI. You can take help of a reputable ERP company in India to get the best web-based ERP applications, ERO software solutions, and the ERP applications development services, at affordable rates. These help to smoother and manage the various activities in your organization.ERP Company

The benefits of implementing the ERP services in the organization are as follows:

  • The system becomes totally integrated
  • Improves the productivity and efficiency levels
  • Develops an ability for simplifying various workflows and processes
  • Makes the whole system cost effective
  • Offers improved customer service
  • Improves better forecasting and tracking
  • Develops the ability to share the data across different departments in the organization

Implementation of ERP system forms the backbone in an organization. So, act smart and take advantage of it to increase the organization’s ROI.