Often treated to be one of the greatest tools for development of your business, a responsive website is a must for any brand desiring to enhance its online presence. Irrespective of you being a business owner or any employee looking for a reliable company offering website development services, it is vital to make a wise choice.

Since it is a major financial investment for you, unless you invest wisely, you might end up wasting your valuable time, energy and money. Make sure to take the below-mentioned points into consideration before appointing one.

  • Understand Your Requirements

It is vital to understand the goals and long-term requirements of your business for you to convey the same to the service provider you are appointing. Pick one who can understand your goals, then only can they help you to meet those. The focus should be on crafting a responsive site which improves the online presence of your business with the passage of time.

Understand Your Needs

  • Traffic And Profits

Though many suppose these two to be the same, it is not. Having a large number of visitors or huge traffic does not necessarily mean your brand will be making huge profits. If you desire your target audience to spend more time on your site, make sure it offers simple and easy navigation.

Traffic Analysis

  • Experience Matters

Your expectation from your website is totally different from the others. With many companies offering services of website development in Kolkata, make sure the one you appoint have experience in developing various web-based applications to meet individual business requirements of their clients. Only a stable and established web development company can cater to your needs of crafting a unique site.

Web Development Service Kolkata

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  • Uninterrupted Client Support

Make sure the company you approach offer uninterrupted quick response support 24*7. Your online site has a lot of functioning aspects; you being not so tech savvy might have a problem understanding them. Unless those queries are resolved in the shortest span of time, it may lead to frustrations as well as wastage of your time and money.

Client Support

  • Services They Provide

The job of the company you approach for web development in Kolkata should not end after crafting the website for you. Ensure they provide services of website maintenance and redesigning, blog customisation, flash based web design, cross browser web design, website template designing, web application design, logo and brochure designing, graphics designs, and website redesigning, and more.

Web Services

Never Hurry

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We understand you are too eager to launch a responsive website and yield your output as soon as possible, but never-ever hurry while choosing the ideal service provider. Consider the points mentioned above and decide wisely. Though your time is valuable, it is wise to take your time and compare every service provider before appointing one. After all, a successful website can divert your search traffic towards sales and thus maximise your profit margin.


So you thought mobile applications are only for the big shots of the industry?


All right, this piece is certainly for you, then.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

You know, a business’s online presence is so much more than only a mobile-friendly website. This is irrespective of small-sized mid-sized, or type, or genre, or anything else. If you have a biz, you should have such dedicated applications, too.

It’s for easy interaction with your audience, regardless of where you are stationed. It’s about raising your marketing to the next big level. It’s also about being active in the game of commerce.

Are you in yet?

Presenting The Top 4 Signs That Show Your Business Is In Dire Need Of Mobile App Development And Solutions:


  1. Yours Is A No-Show At Most Times.


Your customers need you, but you are currently unavailable. How terrible does it sound? Biz owner, you need to be visible all the time. Here’s something surprising – an average person spends two hours and even more frisking his smartphone or tablet PC.

customer service

Okay, we understand yours will not make it to every device much like Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp. But then, those who are concerned will still look for a ‘quick’ and ‘easy’ way to connect with you. You have to be on obtainable, accessible, at hand, more precisely, at your customer’s fingertips.

  2. You Haven’t Figured Out A Way To Direct Marketing Yet.


Thumbs down, really. It’s high time you resorted to good mobile apps solutions in Kolkata. These applications serve a variety of functions. They contain general info about your company, the prices of products and services, ways to place orders or book services, ways to search, news feed, messengers, and more.

Mobile Apps Solutions

If you are striving for sales and promotion, here’s your ideal medium. And what did we mention about being on the fingertips? Yes right, the applications push you one step closer to your target audience; they behave like product and service reminders.

  3. You’re Still Old School When It Comes To Loyalty Programs.


Like we discussed, on-hand information is a great thing for businesses and customers alike. However, if you are still dependent on the old techniques of rewarding loyal customers, you haven’t modernised much in their view.

Rewards Loyal Customers

Don’t get stuck to physical reward and point-collection cards. Digitise them; digitise your entire loyalty program. Customer retention will swell and you’ll gain more trust. It’s a mobile-frenzy audience out there. You cannot ignore the fact.

  4. You’re Harping On About Branding And Recognition.


You know, desperation won’t help much. You need to invest in mobile app development in Kolkata, instead. If you have been recently sucking at spreading brand awareness, this attempt will surely help you in two ways – build your brand first and then, spread the word about it.

Branding App

You know, with an application you can turn your brand the way you want it to be – sophisticated or chic, stylish or hip, informative or entertaining. At the same time, it will have all the features that can pull customers. All this eventually contributes to brand recognition, don’t you think?

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Remembered


Visibility is something you really have to work on. It doesn’t happen by fluke. It doesn’t even happen because of voracious marketing strategies. ‘Smart’ is the word and ‘mobile apps’ is the solution. Let your business gear up for a better tomorrow.

According to Wikipedia, software development covers ‘computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing.’ In short, it includes everything that can happen within the realm of conceptualising and initiating functional software.

If we go by this definition, the domain includes mighty bits like Programming Languages, Algorithms, Data Structures, and what not! You need to sit in front of a computer and incessantly experiments things with these tools. ‘Software engineering’ has been mothered by this very domain, don’t you think?

However, over the years, a new term has outpaced the concept. ‘Web development’ as we know it, has become mainstream as of now. It is in demand and every professional working in the digital space is harping on about it.

Web Development Company

Unfortunately, it still is a vague term. Web developers sometimes belong to organisational categories like product management and at other times to design. Where did it go wrong? What’s the confusion about? Where’s the missing link?

Here’s the clue – what do you call a person who writes codes?

Now, a software development company in India will employ professionals who can ‘write’ the following:

  • Database queries
  • Backend codes.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript.
  • SQL

progeammer writes codes

Interestingly, professionals in this field cannot limit their speciality to just one amongst these tasks. They have to know it all. Or to say, they will eventually end up doing all the tasks. They are the creators of templates; they are the ones who concern about terms like ‘backend’ and ‘frontend’

Found the missing link?

Yes, web development arises from the very core of software development itself! Let’s go back to the times when Yahoo! was talking about ‘web development’ and had even framed a role for the potential domain. The company was trying to make a mark in the changing times.

In a sense, Yahoo! was the company that actually inspired the evolution of every web development company in Kolkata, other parts of the country and even beyond. By the same token, terms like ‘frontend engineer’ also came up. This was the time when Facebook and Twitter didn’t hold the reigns of the digital world and Google was known as a search engine.

The concept has come of age.

Yahoo!’s contribution has given birth to present-day methodologies like progressive enhancement and interfaces like open APIs. Frontend already received its glory a decade ago. Today, we are talking about UI, UX, and web interfaces that are utilitarian, which is nothing but a payoff of the past attempts.

software development company

So, now you know, web development has ‘engineering’ in every bit of its existence. It is software development which pumps as the domain’s heart. The rest of the creation keeps on developing dynamically on this very base. Thus, a person who creates web application should also be a master hand at software development.

At present times, when there’s a digital war going on between the search engines and social media networking sites, it is essential that you understand the two fields are overlapping. Do let us know what you feel about it.

Let’s ask ourselves this question – why do we implement ERP? – For better reporting within enterprises; for simplifying tasks; for the cloud and of course, the analytics.

In fact, Enterprise Resource Planning can be the most effectual investment a company would ever make. Everything gets integrated – finances with sales, human resources with production. In short, it takes a company to the next level of progress, turning it into an entity of versatility and heightened productivity.

But like they say, ‘with success come challenges.’ Our technologically minded world is dynamic and ever-changing. It needs to be refreshed every now and then with innovation and better ideas. ERP solutions are no different. They are often questioned – WHAT NEXT?

ERP software

So here we are, with this year’s latest trends; as of now they are defining what we call Enterprise Resource Planning.

1. Hybrid-Cloud Model

All-cloud Enterprise Resource Planning could be the future. But, at present, the market experts are favouring the hybrid-cloud model. Organisations that use it merge their cloud applications with the on-premise ones.

In short, it’s a way of utilising the essence of both the worlds. Needless to say, this should be the final nail in the coffin of the ‘cloud vs. on-prem’ debate. Should your company be needing ERP in Kolkata, make sure to opt for the hybrid model.

2. CRM Frenzy

This is a special craze with consumer-centric companies. The period is that of heavy recession and the performance graph of most business entities is fast declining. Not using customer data to their best interest could be a possible threat to such companies. This is why purchasers of the software suite are demanding CRM to be infused in it.

ERP system

3. Mobile ERP

Nobody would deny the rising use of smartphones and tablet PCs. These devices have gripped us all for good. Companies have noticed this trend; they wish to customise the suite, so that it complies with the changing technology. All Indian ERP companies must meet this growing appetite for mobile Enterprise Resource Planning.

4. SMB Adoption

Until now, Enterprise Resource Planning was a preferred (rather, affordable) solution for large sized businesses and top industry players. However, the hesitation has been overcome. Today, small businesses are adopting it as well, despite the intricacy and cost.

Interestingly, a large chunk of the SMB industry still cannot get the hang of the software, except that it helps their business. It has thus, become the responsibility of the ERP companies in Kolkata and beyond to explain the nitty gritty of the suite.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

As of now, these are the hottest trends in the market. And it won’t be stopping here. Like we discussed, the field is dynamic. It will always keep asking – what next?

Originally targeted as a business management software, Enterprise Resource Planning aka ERP is an application suite using which, an organisation can manage data yielding from various operations.

Today, this integrated suite plays a vital role in Educational Institutions, easing the way different roles are carried out by students, teachers, management, staff, guardians, and alumni.


An ERP in such an organisation also assists in the reproduction of data whenever needed. It is a complete solution for Human Resource, Payroll, Inventory, Library, Hostel, Accounts, Events, and Meetings.

An Educational ERP comprises of the following modules:

  • Institute Management
  • Enrolment Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Student Administration
  • Alumni Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave / Holiday Management
  • Fee Management
  • Salary Management
  • Examination Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Progress Report Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Database Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Security Management

Why should a school/ college/ university have an ERP?

Modern-day educational systems are turning more and more complex. Expectations for the best performance are always ruling, in fact, soaring. Every institute must think about how to organise people, activities, and technology in a simplified way.

A digital campus, hence, is very much essential. And this campus should be easy to manage and expand. It should make interactions uncomplicated and help in the formation of a robust academic-non-academic community within the campus. This is exactly where ERP comes into play.

ERP benefits

What are the benefits of ERP solutions for Universities?

The benefits are manifold and multifaceted. The suite not only helps in Management, but also in the Administration. It is not only for the teachers, but also for the students. It helps not only the alumni, but also the parents. Here are the advantages in brief:

  • Management

The integrated software makes it easy for everyone involved in the campus to access records under one roof, accurately, and in a timely manner. An ERP for educational institutions is more like a medium of communication for the teachers, students, parents, and staff.

It is aimed at saving time and raising productivity. In short, it is meant for a smooth management of the institute and helps in quick, transparent decision-making.

  • Administration

ERP solutions for Universities play a huge role in the field of administration. Easy access to reports is one of the prime advantages. Moreover, it also assists in the circulation and publication of these reports. Like in management, the software is effective for running a productive administration with less labour and in less time.

  • Faculty

It helps the teachers in managing attendance and performance of students. Via this suite, a faculty member can organise class reports and examinations online. It is also an effective platform to interact with parents, plan lessons, let out projects to students, and avail institution-wide data.

  • Students

From a student’s perspective, the software is a platform to communicate with teachers regarding academic matters. It helps in sharing knowledge and accessing the library. Through it, a student can sit for online examinations, work on projects, and share views. It is a great way of displaying individual performance in the midst of a crowd.

  • Parents

Via a University ERP, parents can keep track of their child’s performance in the institute. They can also keep themselves updated about the institute’s activities and interact with teachers and staff. The suite is necessary for effective communication.

  • Alumni

It is a great platform for students who have graduated from the University to keep in touch with the faculty members, present students, and staff. They can use is as a knowledge sharing platform and even as a channel to manage and access their academic data.


An Enterprise Resource Planning suite can be the most valuable asset to an educational institution, especially its students and faculty.

Does your institute have it?

What makes an online shopping site click? Apart from great products? Well, it’s TRUST!

Online consumers like to make purchases on sites that are secure and have great control over buyers’ privacy. After all, a lot of bank details and personal information go into the attempt. If a person is disclosing his credit or debit card information, or even his address, it is taken that he expects the best of the site.

ecommerce website Design Company in Kolkata

Did you know, nearly half of the percentage of consumers ascertains the trustworthiness of a shopping site based on its appeal and content? No, there’s isn’t any hard and fast rule for designing an eCommerce website.

However, it’s always good to stick to the basics so that the site remains trustful. And, when it comes to a successful venture, this aspect definitely matters. Here are some of the ‘elements of trust’ every eCommerce website design company in Kolkata should know and apply.

A functional search button



Online buyers are largely dependent on the search button of shopping sites. The more intricate the site is, the better should be the search functionality. In case it fails, consumers may exit without making a purchase.

Moreover, the search should be filter-enabled, so that a user can sort and screen what he needs from what he doesn’t. This element, also called customised search, can bring in huge profits.

A section for product information

Remember, buyers are ever information hungry. The more you feed them, the more will be your credibility. Let’s say you are selling clothes.

People would want to know about the fabric, colours, and needless to say, price. Make sure you present the information in a clear and precise manner.

A section for product review

product review

Online shopping sites should welcome positive and negative reviews with equal zeal. A neutral appearance is needed to instill trust in the hearts of consumers.

Further, this section is an amazing way to start conversations and enhance activity. It also throws light on which products work and which don’t.

An easy-to-understand shopping cart

When a buyer goes to the shopping cart, it should show him the products clearly along with the overall amount which he needs to pay. He should also have the liberty to remove or add products and apply valid discount coupons.

Furthermore, the checkout process should be transparent. The site should be clear about shipping charges and taxes. In no case should the buyer feel stuck in the middle of the process.

Please keep in mind that trust builds over time depending on how the site has performed. Great user experience is a must and the elements of trust are in plenty. This is just a small list of the fundamentals in eCommerce website design.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

Does your site lack any of these? Incorporate it now. Did we miss out on any point? Do you have something to add to this list? Feel free to speak your mind in the comment section.

Since the dawn of the human race, man has always tried to reduce his efforts and make his work more efficacious. Modern man has conjured up computing devices and lessened many a different tasks significantly. Businesses are now largely dependent on software, more precisely, custom platforms, wherein various operations can be carried out with ease.

custom software developement

Custom software development, thus, has come up as a way to streamline such operations and improve the bottom line of businesses. In this domain, applications are created using the skills of programming and system analysis. People with these skills develop the application in accordance with the company’s profits.

So, here are the advantages of this process:

  • Custom software development in Kolkata can help in the coordination of various business operations. The software can behave like the core of all information regarding the company and turn into a repository of the same. This would definitely simplify the communications between the different departments of the business.
  • Yet again, this can benefit the stakeholder firms as well. Yes, such applications make the process of service and product delivery smoother. This is because during their building, a developer always keeps in mind the needs of the company.
  • Applications that are tailored for a company can also be used to update and edit information associated with the business’s website. Thus, a firm can always showcase the most accurate data to build a robust online presence.
  • Such applications assist the company in keeping at par with the trends of the industry as well. A developer makes room for the installation of fresh designs and functional tools, which can be flaunted on the website with convenience.
  • Customisation of applications is an awesome way of winning customer trust, boosting traffic, and increasing the likeliness of conversions. In every way, it leads a company towards better Return on Investment.
  • Because the applications are specifically compliant with the company, they can blend with its various processes and thereby, raise productivity. The tasks of the employees are improved and a comfortable work environment is facilitated. Yes, speed is one of the major benefits of these applications.
  • Rather than going for some ready-made application, tailoring the same is always a cost-effective solution. Also, the benefits are long-term; there isn’t any requirement of additional licenses and upgrading can be done any time the company wishes to.
  • Applications of this type are incredible if program integration is on your mind. Say, a business needs different programs for its operations. A customised application can help the company to integrate the different operations and run them via a single platform.
  • Last, but not the least, these applications are easy to develop. There would be a technical support team, which would always be indulged in its development. In a layman’s tongue, you can say that with such applications and programs, business becomes a cakewalk, kind of.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

Although websites have come of age, customised applications are still needed for automating business operations. They turn the processes speedier and better. Does your organisation have it?

Software! The very word sounds like something geeky, nerdy, technological, and intricate. Can it be developed by anyone and everyone? Not at all! You need to have the right amount of knowledge, expertise and funds for that.

Maybe this is why companies outsource their tasks of developing such programs when they lack manpower and finances. However, the bitter truth is, such outsourced projects often fail.

software company in India

Do you know why? – Because of poor execution.

Yes, most development projects never go on to the stage of completion; they are terminated before that, no matter how modern the applied technology is. Even Java and XML haven’t been able to save the game.

The solution to this is to be careful while picking a software company in India. You have to find the ideal firm, which has the perfect pool of talent that can cater to your requirements. The professionals handling the development tasks must be experienced enough to understand the pitfalls and avoid them.

But, what makes an ideal developer firm? Let’s go though some vital points:

    • Seeing the light about technicality:

Change is the only thing constant about technology. And, the firm you choose should know how to keep up with it. The next time you sit down to find such a firm, look for up-to-date skills and employee experience relevant to them.

The working team should include designers who can craft out the solution and coders who can make it run. The professionals should be comfortable with the latest technologies and platforms.

They should know how to develop prototypes rapidly and turn them into high grade programs. Of course, for this, the entire team will need to have a deep understanding of technicality evolved in the work.

    • Being versatile:

The team should have experts that come from different domains of software development. In short, you must have a versatile team that can take care of every aspect of your project.

Their scope of work should be diverse, so that they are well aware of the key to every issue that tries to lock the progress. The more versatile they are, the better it is for your project.

    • Indulging in future-oriented work:

As much as it is necessary to stay at par with the modern techniques and methods of the work, a future-driven way of developing applications is also needed. Remember, it is ‘technology’ that the firm is handling; it’s extremely dynamic.

This vision is needed if you want the application to be suitable for the future as well. It should be adjustable as per the requirements of the time ahead. Investing in an application that’s bound to become obsolete soon, is a pointless thing to do.

    • Staying truthful, trustworthy, and credible:

If you have taken up a plan to outsource your software development work, chances are you have picked a company, which you think is trustful. This is very essential to make the project successful. You must have faith in their decisions regarding the product.

Credibility, however, comes from acknowledged certifications and a proven track record. The firm’s skills of planning, projecting, and delivering a successful project can be noted from its past assignments.

Check if it holds a good position in the market and a rapport with clients. Moreover, it must also have a sound knowledge about legal compliances and work ethics, especially wherever there are chances of copyright infringement issues arising.

The best way to begin your inspection is by studying the firm’s website. Go though its portfolio and client testimonial section.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

Of course, you should also see to it that your queries get readily responded by a communicative staff. A friendly talk can build get business relationships, don’t you think? Start your search now.

Not many years ago, software development was largely about the Waterfall Model. However, the methodology was found to be flawed. Thankfully, the processes have undergone huge changes.

With novel programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. the metamorphosis is still on, and it is moving toward the Agile approach. Today, the only thing the industry looks for is the ability to code well.

software development in Kolkata

But, why did the Waterfall Model fail in the first place?

If you ask a non-technical person about ‘software,’ he’ll describe it as a five-finger exercise. It can be easily done and more importantly, easily changed, according to him. No, it is not his fault.

The intricacies and convolutions often lie hidden from a layman. What lies beyond, resembles the inside of a clock. The cogs, springs, and anchors have to be placed in such a way that the clock ticks.

Only an expert can understand the mechanism well. But, for a non-technical guy, it is just a simple machine with the hands moving on the dial. Software, too, has such a mechanical setup which is not as simple as it seems.

The mechanism, however, needs to keep changing from time to time so that modern business needs are met. The Waterfall Model could not support these changes.

It made the cycle of development longer and invited unwanted costs. Also, the result did not yield much profit. It couldn’t feed dynamism and hence, evolution. Thus was born the need of Agile.

What does the future hold for it?

future of software dev

Modern-day software development in Kolkata has ditched the age old ‘writing’ of custom-developed codes. Instead, it is now more dependent on the components. The rise of cloud-based approaches is largely responsible for this.

Applications are no longer produced from scratch. Rather, they are assembled from components that previously existed or those that are sourced from elsewhere.

Such a source is known as an open-source, and is the latest buzz in the industry. Here is what the concept is going to look like in the future:

  •  Coding is going to be democratised.
  • If you have an idea about GitHub, you should know that the talk is exactly about. The platform is exclusively for code-sharing and behaves like a social networking site for programmers. It has made coding and software programming a lot easier and more affordable.

    And then, it also enables version control, which is of great help if projects driven by communities are considered. In short, the platform has democratised the processes of crafting applications.

  • Risks will come in plenty.
  • While the Agile methodology has enabled rapid and continuous processes of development, there have come up new risks, too. Because the components of an application come from open-sources, they are often reliant on other components. This is known as ‘transitive dependency.’

    Such dependency results in complicated applications, especially, when a supply chain is in question. The more the complexity, the higher is the risk of management and security. A flaw in a component can mean a major vulnerability in the application.


    However, this is can also be considered as flexibility, because such components can be checked and corrected. There can be frequent version updates and betterment made – just the thing we need for adapting software to changes.

  • It’s going to be the era of libraries!
  • Remember C? Well, C++ replaced it. Then came Java and Perl, followed by PHP and Python. Ruby is the latest. With every new programming language, the way of expressing code has turned more organic. However, the booster behind all the languages is libraries.

    C++ lacked it big time. But, Java had it. The scene was even better in PHP because it is rich in reusable libraries of code, and backs database and web processing. Thanks to these features, we can now build sturdier and more intricate software systems.

  • Skills will be the focus.

Yes, producing the best application shall now demand expertise. Software engineers will have to possess the following skills:

  1. Ability to solve issues 100%. Problems are bound to show up in some form or the other. The technology or the programming language used doesn’t matter anymore. If problems are left unsolved, the application is going to fail.
  2. Urge to learn. Because it’s a dynamic field, the expert handling an application will be expected to be a learner, a fast learner to be precise.
  3. Talent to describe the abstract. If you are a coder, you will have to spend a lot of time naming things you create, like classes, methods, and variables. And, you really need to be clever in doing this.
  4. Handling people. Because you are going to create applications for people, you will have to make them understand the idea in plain tongue. The friendlier you are, the better.

Are you ready for the coming times? Are you competent? Gear up soon.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

In today’s age of high vying and competition, staying updated with the current market scenario is the most significant way how you can fortify the permanent success of your company. With the first-rate advancement of technology, it’s now getting more and more easier to make the best use of the online presence of your company. The best way can do it is by having developing your company website time to time.

web development company India

No matter whether you have a small venture or a real big business enterprise, an upgraded web design can truly get you more traffic than you ever expected. Each and every day new enterprises are emerging on the web and to get a distinctive identity, it’s very important that you have a website that is unique from every possible aspect.

unique logo

Few important reasons why you should definitely give a prime attention on designing your website:

  • The first impression of your organization does get counted and depending on the presentation of your web page, your web site is likely to get crowded by the potential customers.
  • The more effective will be the design, the more eyes will be there on your web site. Thus, it can be easily assumed that with the right web design, you venture is surely going to be at the top choice of the clients.
  • Also, nothing can be more effective than a perfect web-design when you want to increase the search engine visibility of your company.

However, with a number of web development companies in India, it becomes a bit tricky to locate down the most eminent venture. Here, you can easily take the help of internet and jot down the name of quite a few highly renowned enterprises offering matchless services in this field. Getting a handful of choices, it will then be easy for you to find out the most versatile agency.

web development

Here are few important tips that you should follow before you hire a particular company:

  • Whether the venture has years of experience in this particular domain and can come to your best aid in the manner.
  • Whether the specialists in the company are trained and proficient enough to gain a huge traffic towards your website.
  • Whether new and innovative techniques are used by the enterprise to help their clients have a distinctive presence in the web.
  • Last but not the least, whether the price offered by the company perfectly goes with your budget and you don’t have to incur any kind of loss while hiring the venture.


What are you still waiting for? Browse through internet, conduct a profound research and locate down the best web development company that you think to be full of every potential to meet your requirements.