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Are you under the impression that a great functional website is all you need for achieving online success? Unfortunately, gaining a strong online presence isn’t that simple. You need stunning sites which can pull more visitors and then convert them into customers. Wondering what makes web design so important? Read on then!

The way your site looks like is one of the most important aspects of gaining a strong online presence. You need to have a site which is crafted with unique ideas, innovative designs, magnificent logos and splendid logos, through which, your business can attract more customers. While you may think that crafting a great website comes with a hefty price tag, reality is that you need to choose affordable packages and find a web design style that perfectly suits your business!

Website Design

Still wondering what makes web design the key to a strong online presence? Scroll down to get your answers then!

A Few Reasons Why Choosing Website Design In Kolkata Is Crucial For Your Online Success

1.Navigation And Usability
While your existing site may be packed with lots of information, are you sure if visitors can actually find what they have been looking for? In the present times, internet users judge a website within mere seconds of landing on it and making the navigation as much intuitive as possible is thus essential for ensuring a great user experience. Investing in high-quality web design is essential for your business.

If each of the pages on your site uses different fonts, different styles and looks different, there are chances that most of your users will navigate away. To achieve your desired success, you must use the same set of style, format and typeface guidelines which serve as the backbone for various pages. This ensures a sense of consistency when visitors navigate through your website for making their experience more streamlined and coherent.

Responsive Web Design

3.Tough Competition
One of the greatest reasons why you must choose a reliable agency for website design in Kolkata is to gain an edge in the competitive industry. If your competitor’s site appears to be and professional, there are high chances that potential customers will choose that site instead of your amateur site. Splurging a little on stunning web design can thus be a fantastic way of setting yourself apart from competitors. Web design can thus be one of those few areas through which you can make your business appear to be the obvious choice by crafting an attractive site.

4.Search Engine Optimisation
There are various web designing practices and elements which affect the way you wish to publish content on your site, which is influenced by how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Without proper on-page SEO optimisation, you will have to fight a tough visibility battle right from the beginning. Thus, the best way to make your site SEO-friendly is by partnering with a reputed web design agency.

5.Lasting Impression On Customers
Your site will act as the digital face of your business and thus you should think of it as a customer service representative to make a good impression. A well-designed site is like a friendly and polite representative who helps customers in every possible way. Thus, by getting your site crafted from the specialists, you can set the right foundation for a long lasting relationship with your customers.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly hire a reputed web design agency and escalate your business to new heights with a stunning website!


Willing to hire a web development company for your organisation’s website? Looking for reliable web developers who can design and manage your website? Are you finding it to be a Herculean task? Fret not. You simply need to know the correct process of hiring a web development firm!

It’s true that when it comes to website design and development, quality is of utmost importance. A good developer can not only make your website search-engine friendly but even fulfil all your business requirements by developing a variety of web-based applications. Similarly, a wrong web development company can cost you both- your time and money. However, if you know about the vital considerations and questions to ask; you can easily be free from future risks and losses!


Scroll down to know everything that you should keep in mind while hiring a web development company!

Factors to consider while hiring a Web Development Company in Kolkata

Company Responsiveness
Responsiveness forms to be an integral aspect of the entire web development process. Check how quick the company responses to your queries. Assess if they answer your calls or return your calls on time. Thus, you should choose a company who has great responsiveness.

Look for Ones Who Have Multi-channel Proficiency
Before finalising on any web development company, you should check if they are proficient in various fields like- SEO, Social Media and PPC. For a web development firm, it is very important to have equal expertise in each of these areas so that they can build your site up to your expectations.

Further, check if they have proficiency in other areas like W3C validations, Website Template Design, coding practices, Meta tags, etc.

Prioritise More on Quality Programming Skills
It often happens that recruiters tend to prefer rich educational background over skills. However, you should prioritise more on the programming skills of the web developers other than their academic qualifications. A highly qualified person may or may not be a good programmer!

Web Development Company in Kolkata
Questions To Ask A Potential Web Development Firm

  1. While looking for an efficient web development company in Kolkata, you should ask him vital questions like-
    1.What is your website development process?
    2.Does your code with proper documentation which allows mitigation and scalability?
    3.Can I check feedback from your previous clients?
    4.Where will you be hosting my site?
    5.Who will be responsible for writing my website’s content- internal writers or contractors? Do you have a Content Management System Network?
    6.How do you handle website software updates?
    7.How will you help me to boost my website traffic and generate leads?
    8.What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform before launching any new website?
    9.How will you make my website more search-engine friendly?
    10.How long will the project take?

No matter whether you are a start-up, a big commercial entity or an old player in the business, getting the best development services has never been easier than this. So what are you still thinking of? Time to get in touch with a leading web development company!

When you are start with a business, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It must be profit and utmost popularity amongst your target customers, in your niche, right? But, with the same aim in their business, there are so many of your rivals in the market. And to compete with them, it is very important that you present your company or business initiative with a trustworthy appearance. In this regard, there is no better option than choosing a website.

Web Designer - website designer

However, for this task you must rely on the professional website designers. But it is not that your task ends when you hire a professional designer for designing and developing your website. You have to answer quite some questions of the designer so that he or she gets a clear idea of what your requirements are and what your business targets to deal with. When you choose a company for website designing India, be prepared to answer three basic questions.

Can you describe your business in a single line?

This is the first, basic and the ‘stock’ question that you will be asked by your designer. By answering this question, you will be presenting your business in a nutshell to the designer, to help him understand the persuasive and succinct sales target of your business. As, even in writing the content for the website, brevity and preciseness is the new key, this ‘one liner’ can be used on the home page.

Which three websites of your rival companies do you like?

Unless and until you are one of a kind and launching an entirely new niche, with no competitors in the market, you will be asked this question. This will help the designers to understand, what you are basically looking for. As you will be choosing a few from the many, it will inherently explain your desires and focus.

What is your target audience?

Lnsel - Target Audience

This is a very important question that your website designer must ask you. If the product that you sell is related to the women between the age group of mid 40s and mid 60s, the site has to look one way. But for teenagers, it will be looking different. On the other hand, men will demand a different look altogether. In fact, there are many other factors that contribute to eth decision of the perfect design and they include the profession, annual income and preference of the audience, apart from their age and gender.

These are the three questions that your website designer must ask you. If you find that they are not asking you at least these three questions along with other necessary ones, then you should get a hint that the designer might not be skilled enough or may not be the right person for you. Therefore, choose the designers or the designing company that will take care of all of these factors.


Make sure that your designer brings you the proper designs by asking these basic questions.


Search engine optimization is an important marketing strategy in this age of internet. Lee and Nee softwares (Exports) specialize in providing high quality result oriented SEO services and internet marketing strategies to improve the ranking and inflow of traffic of your website.seo services

Search engine optimization, can be broadly defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a webpage in a search engine’s natural search result. It elevates a certain website in rank so that it appears higher in the search result page and as a result, gets more visitors. SEO generally targets different types of search like the image search, local search, video search etc. SEO is basically an internet marketing strategy, which considers how search engines work, what are people searching for in the search engines the actual keywords that are being typed and the search engine which is most preferred by the people. SEO is basically an internet marketing strategy which markets, promotes or lets people view a specific product. It is of various types like the social media marketing, the E mail marketing, Referral marketing, content marketing, Web analytics and many more. All of these are aimed at the simple fact that Websites are modified so that a larger number of people are able to view it.

Optimizing may be done by using different techniques.HTML and associated coding, editing its content are often done to increase its relevance to a specific target audience. Lee and Nee softwares (Exports) ltd. is an IT and IT enabled Service providing Company which is head quartered in Kolkata. It is serving the industry for more than two decades and has earned a reputation in t11362533-software-development-concept-in-tag-cloud-on-white-backgroundhe It sector and especially in the field of seo services india. LNSEL has expanded its wings in business on the basis of its right mix of intelligence and experience. LNSEL boasts of an excellent infrastructure and skilled man power to deliver excellent service to its clients and to meet the ever increasing standards of the industry.

LNSEL is one of the famous Website Services company Kolkata to provide SEO services. It is a quick, reliable SEO service provider which drastically increases your websites rating and increases the traffic significantly. LNSEL is a premium service provider in SEO sector which provides high quality and the best result oriented SEO services in India. Equipped with the presence of the best SEO services and Internet marketing team, LNSEL assures you to achieve top 10 rankings in all the major search engines around the world.

Software development is certainly one of the most vital things for a business organization. Without a proper software package, you will never be able to maximize the business goals of your company. Although many business enterprises have developed turnkey applications for use in the entire business cSoftware Developmentamaraderie, you will often come up with different tasks and requirements that can only be fulfilled by a reliable program development company. Before looking for a program development company, you need to take certain things into consideration.

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea about your needs and requirements. Then only you can find a reliable program development company. Talk to your management team about the software layout. You need to focus on the purpose of the software and on the real end users. Some programs are meant for client tracking, finance or data management etc. So, the purpose should be clear to you right from the outset.

Create a mock blueprint so that the software designing company gets a clear idea about your specific needs. If you do not have any experience in this industry, simply put together a list of all the different functionality you need. Moreover, you need to plan on the budget and the time period before hiring a software development company India or anywhere else for that matter.  YSoftware Developmentou should never invest in a service that is beyond your financial reach. As the work progresses, you can easily alter your budget considerations as per your needs.

Every software should consist of a safe and secure interface. So, you should always explain your needs to the developer before signing the final agreement. Ask for some sample software applications to judge the credentials of the company. Program development involves a significant investment and so you need to get a good value for your money.

No matter you are looking for a program developer or a reliable website services company Kolkata or anywhere else, try to verify their credentials from their previous clients. Ask your friends and relatives to see if they have any suggestions. The referral system is a very good way of finding a reliable service provider.

Once you get certain about the credentials of a program development company, ask for a price quote and try to come to a negotiation. This will certainly make you successful in your venture!

Are you looking for a reputed SEO company? Here are some great tips to consider when you are looking for a SEO company for your online business.

Build A Strong Web PresenSEO Servicesce For Your Online Business

If you have a website or perhaps you are planning to build a website for your offline business, then it’s very important to have a strong web presence. The fact is, the strong online presence you have in web, the strong chances are there to get business from your prospective consumers. The more target audience visits your website, the more money you will make. This is why search engine optimization is considered as one of the crucial factors which help to get business from the prospective consumers.

Look For Quality SEO Services At An Affordable Price

However, if you have just started your business or perhaps an average entrepreneur then chances are that you might not be aware of the SEO strategies. Moreover, you may not have the time to learn SEO and use the right strategies for your business. For this reason, most of the small and big business owners are now looking for a reputed company which mainly specializes in the internet marketing sector and can offer quality SEO services at a cost-effective price.

Tips To Consider When Looking For A Reputed SEO Company

Here are some of the following tips to consider when choosing a company for SEO services India:-product_short

Tip 1

With so many different companies out there in the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the right company. To make the task a little easier, you can make a list of the top ten companies in your area and get quotes from them. However, you should avoid choosing such companies who have negative feedback from two or more customers. So, you should always look for a reliable service provider.

Tip 2

When it comes to the different strategies of SEO, it can be mainly classified into two types which are as follows:-

  • Black hat strategies
  • White hat strategies

Remember, you should only look for companies which makes use of white hat strategies because it is legal accepted. Be it SEO or Software Development Company India, you should always go through the credentials/testimonials to make the right choic

Are you looking for a reputed software development company in India? Here’s an overview of the tips to consider when looking for the best software development company.

Get The Best SoftwaSoftware Development re Program From The Best Company

Presently, the market is very competitive. This is also true for the software industry. Therefore, it’s actually a daunting task to find the best software development company for your business. When you have the best software programs, it helps your business to reach new heights and also give a tough competition to all your competitors.

Either you have the option to look for freelance software developer or work with a reputed company who can help you get the best software program. Always make sure to choose the one who will understand the requirements of your business and offer the best services. However, you need to keep certain tips in mind to choose the best software development company India.

Few Essential Tips To Consider When Looking For The Best Software Company

Tip 1

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to work with freelance software developers for your project or work with a big company. This is one of the most crucial steps because it determines the success of your project. If the project is a little complicated, it’s always a good idea to work with a big company as they have a huge team of skilled and experienced professionals who can get the work done quickly and easily.mobileapps_big

Tip 2

If it’s a small project, you should look for freelance developers because they always charge an affordable price for the services. Moreover, a freelance software developer can also give you some great tips to improve the software program. So, hiring a freelance developer can be a cost-effective solution.

Tip 3

Once you have made your final choice, you should visit their website and request them to give you an estimate of the work. Be it for software development or blackberry development in India, you should always get written estimates before proceeding with the work. Considering all the great tips discussed in this post, you can now choose the best software development company.

To make your presence over internet stronger, you need to outsource reliable services for helping you reach your goals. What services are really helpful? Is it necessary to hire professional services for achieving the best outlook of your online website?

To make sure you get the highest Website Services company visibility, you need to have a website to display all the information about your company and products in front of the world. Being online makes the world your customer! Don’t you think it can be beneficial to have an online website to bloom the success of your offline business? To increase the sales and productivity in a faster pace, you have to own a website first, which can be achieved from professional website designers and a team of technician that can provide the right domain support to it, providing it an identity. A right website domain name is required to make the website and its company unique. Thus to make the website accessible and visible among the world, right domain registration and them a suitable domain name is required.

Hosting of domain and domain registration, both of the issues are different. The registration parts supplies a unique name, by which a website is identified and the hosting service provides efficient care to the website. A company or a professional helping get websites bloom over internet helps get a domain name and registration. Their processes help in getting the website right view and brand name in the market. A domain is patent for the same website and provides uniqueness and the authorized ownership. There are many service providers that ensure the right domain registration along with hosting solutions under the same roof to their clients.domain registration service

It is important that professionals choose the right kind of keyword to define your website. It must be unique and user friendly and easy to type and remember. The extensions that are provided are equally important. They have the potential to get exposure internationally. To get such reliable services of getting more attractive and popular among users, make sure the domain registration in India is the best according to their profile and provides satisfactory services to most. More attention is the demand of your website and that should be achieved from matching domain name according to your products.

To get spacious attention for your website, right website designing and e development is equally vital. Make sure the potential is engrafted with your website completely to make sure your business get right visibility and profit, from all over the world. Hook with well known Website Services Company Kolkata, to ensure efficient business effectively.

Business and corporate world now taste new horizon of profitable success because of the new innovative techniques prevailing in the market. All of these profits are possible with the evolution of internet marketing and outsourcing reliable software support available. Want to get started?Software Development

Outsourcing services for online business strategies is in great demand. India is slowly and steadily becoming a hub of social network and use of software which are helping corporate world get the right exposure and benefits. Loads of creative minds are being developed in India and are helping business and industries to grow with profit. The main reason of this increased popularity is the affordable sources for outsourcing these services. People now prefer India for getting the best support of software and ultimate quality work. Right professionalism and skills are available in India at cheap rates, for which it is on a bloom! Taking the consideration of the ways to develop businesses and their presence, it is required that you know some basic rules of developing website or data management program for handling a company! What are they?

Companies in India are resourceful and full of creativity and that ensures the best outcomes. Software support for any company will no doubt enhance its workability and hence profits. Studies have proved that India is providing the skills at way lesser cost compared to other countries of the world. Why are you late then to take up the right professional service? Outsourcing reliable software support will help handle your work smoothly and just according to the needs and requirements of your firm. If you have started your business, make the most out of it through reliable professional outsourcing of software companies available in India.Website Services company

These companies are although many in numbers, you must ask for the highly qualified sources having an experienced background to reach the desired horizon of success! Choose from the available most acknowledged software support destinations in India. Change your business pattern according to the present conditions of visibility and customer support. The right Software Development Company India can provide you highly qualified and experienced professionals at your work helping you get right management of your data through reliable software outsourcing.

Next comes and efficient visibility to bloom your business profits which is possible only through online presence. Website designing and SEO services play major role in the promotion of this visibility. Proper SEO services includes right website content, efficient back links and choice of right keywords to make your website visible at the first page if search! Make sure the well known Website Services company Kolkata is available for your support at affordable price range. Take the biggest advantages of this affordability and generate huge profits.

The ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning software is required to incorporate all the major operational sections within a company to work as a whole. This software helps in the easy flowing of information and exchange of ideas that initiates the swift decision making leading to the increase in the yield and profit margin of any organization.

This software lends a corporation the strength to function faster but in a approach that is well organized. If you feel that your organization cannot bear the expense of one time installation of this software, you can opt for modular packages. However, different organizations have different needs and installation of modular software is essential to meet up with the dynamic requirements of a company.

You need a high-end ERP software solution for keep pace with the shifting requirement in the economic world and separate yourself from your competitors. A lot of strategy and a huge cost is involved in a proper implementation of the software though it compensates the requirement of any investment in the long run.

This type of software is most desirable as it accommodate the requirements of industries in every sector like manufacturing, healthcare, IT and government sector. The most important benefit of this software is its easy scalability. The data can be accessible from anywhere whenever required that results in the increasing of the level of production.  This is the reason why most organization are searching for a topnotch ERP Company in India for providing the best software service in a pocket friendly price.

This software not only supports the marketing and sales related issues of organizations but also keeps the record of production, distribution and inventory of an organization. It also plays an important role in positioning the right person in the right job. It also has a lot to do with customer care service were it takes up all the customer queries and make sure that deliveries are done on time.

Many web development and web hosting in India have stepped into developing ERP software for their clients. You can choose any one of them from the website. However, before you do so, do not forget to get a review of their work through the clients testimonials provided on their websites.