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Are you under the impression that a great functional website is all you need for achieving online success? Unfortunately, gaining a strong online presence isn’t that simple. You need stunning sites which can pull more visitors and then convert them into customers. Wondering what makes web design so important? Read on then!

The way your site looks like is one of the most important aspects of gaining a strong online presence. You need to have a site which is crafted with unique ideas, innovative designs, magnificent logos and splendid logos, through which, your business can attract more customers. While you may think that crafting a great website comes with a hefty price tag, reality is that you need to choose affordable packages and find a web design style that perfectly suits your business!

Website Design

Still wondering what makes web design the key to a strong online presence? Scroll down to get your answers then!

A Few Reasons Why Choosing Website Design In Kolkata Is Crucial For Your Online Success

1.Navigation And Usability
While your existing site may be packed with lots of information, are you sure if visitors can actually find what they have been looking for? In the present times, internet users judge a website within mere seconds of landing on it and making the navigation as much intuitive as possible is thus essential for ensuring a great user experience. Investing in high-quality web design is essential for your business.

If each of the pages on your site uses different fonts, different styles and looks different, there are chances that most of your users will navigate away. To achieve your desired success, you must use the same set of style, format and typeface guidelines which serve as the backbone for various pages. This ensures a sense of consistency when visitors navigate through your website for making their experience more streamlined and coherent.

Responsive Web Design

3.Tough Competition
One of the greatest reasons why you must choose a reliable agency for website design in Kolkata is to gain an edge in the competitive industry. If your competitor’s site appears to be and professional, there are high chances that potential customers will choose that site instead of your amateur site. Splurging a little on stunning web design can thus be a fantastic way of setting yourself apart from competitors. Web design can thus be one of those few areas through which you can make your business appear to be the obvious choice by crafting an attractive site.

4.Search Engine Optimisation
There are various web designing practices and elements which affect the way you wish to publish content on your site, which is influenced by how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Without proper on-page SEO optimisation, you will have to fight a tough visibility battle right from the beginning. Thus, the best way to make your site SEO-friendly is by partnering with a reputed web design agency.

5.Lasting Impression On Customers
Your site will act as the digital face of your business and thus you should think of it as a customer service representative to make a good impression. A well-designed site is like a friendly and polite representative who helps customers in every possible way. Thus, by getting your site crafted from the specialists, you can set the right foundation for a long lasting relationship with your customers.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly hire a reputed web design agency and escalate your business to new heights with a stunning website!


Willing to hire a web development company for your organisation’s website? Looking for reliable web developers who can design and manage your website? Are you finding it to be a Herculean task? Fret not. You simply need to know the correct process of hiring a web development firm!

It’s true that when it comes to website design and development, quality is of utmost importance. A good developer can not only make your website search-engine friendly but even fulfil all your business requirements by developing a variety of web-based applications. Similarly, a wrong web development company can cost you both- your time and money. However, if you know about the vital considerations and questions to ask; you can easily be free from future risks and losses!


Scroll down to know everything that you should keep in mind while hiring a web development company!

Factors to consider while hiring a Web Development Company in Kolkata

Company Responsiveness
Responsiveness forms to be an integral aspect of the entire web development process. Check how quick the company responses to your queries. Assess if they answer your calls or return your calls on time. Thus, you should choose a company who has great responsiveness.

Look for Ones Who Have Multi-channel Proficiency
Before finalising on any web development company, you should check if they are proficient in various fields like- SEO, Social Media and PPC. For a web development firm, it is very important to have equal expertise in each of these areas so that they can build your site up to your expectations.

Further, check if they have proficiency in other areas like W3C validations, Website Template Design, coding practices, Meta tags, etc.

Prioritise More on Quality Programming Skills
It often happens that recruiters tend to prefer rich educational background over skills. However, you should prioritise more on the programming skills of the web developers other than their academic qualifications. A highly qualified person may or may not be a good programmer!

Web Development Company in Kolkata
Questions To Ask A Potential Web Development Firm

  1. While looking for an efficient web development company in Kolkata, you should ask him vital questions like-
    1.What is your website development process?
    2.Does your code with proper documentation which allows mitigation and scalability?
    3.Can I check feedback from your previous clients?
    4.Where will you be hosting my site?
    5.Who will be responsible for writing my website’s content- internal writers or contractors? Do you have a Content Management System Network?
    6.How do you handle website software updates?
    7.How will you help me to boost my website traffic and generate leads?
    8.What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform before launching any new website?
    9.How will you make my website more search-engine friendly?
    10.How long will the project take?

No matter whether you are a start-up, a big commercial entity or an old player in the business, getting the best development services has never been easier than this. So what are you still thinking of? Time to get in touch with a leading web development company!

web hostingWeb hosting companies are all over the market nowadays. These companies are creating a reputation of high prospects everywhere and this is the primary reason of the sudden boom of such kinds of companies. Web hosting companies serve as saviors to the large number of website owners. Such companies manage your websites. In other words, they make your website viewable and accessible to the world through internet i.e. via World Wide Web. It has a huge scope and is widely in demand due to the unique service which they provide. Along with it, mobile phone app developing zone is the new rising sector. They are gradually changing the definition of mobile phones and adding a whole new dimension to the world of technology.

There are various web hosting in india but only a few can offer you top notch services.  Lee and Nee Software Ltd is an IT enable company on the way to excelling itself in the field of Web Hosting services. There is a general notion that web hosting services which are provided abroad are way better which is a mistaken concept. The situation goes with the saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. LNSEL provides all the facilities that you would find in a top class company offshore. The key features that we search in a web hosting company is the quality of service which means better bandwidth, better storage capacity, unlimited MySQL space and a company which provides all kind of software applications. LNSEL provides all these facilities with added features as apps

Smart phones and mobile markets are stealing the show and turning out to be the most lucrative of all tech markets. Mobile applications are the new craze factor of new generation. LNSEL is a highly reputed name in the genre of mobile app developers. They are developing excellent mobile applications and are creating great competition. They develop apps which are out of the box and have created a buzz in the market breaking almost all the track records. Such apps are becoming a reason for the new born interest for smart phones among the customers. The innovations and range that they provide are out of this world.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd. have been serving the IT sector for nearly two decades now and is a reputed name in this sector. It has a specialized unit of company based on Web Hosting services providing top class service everywhere. LNSEL is also driving itself to excellence in the field of mobile application development.

The ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning software is required to incorporate all the major operational sections within a company to work as a whole. This software helps in the easy flowing of information and exchange of ideas that initiates the swift decision making leading to the increase in the yield and profit margin of any organization.

This software lends a corporation the strength to function faster but in a approach that is well organized. If you feel that your organization cannot bear the expense of one time installation of this software, you can opt for modular packages. However, different organizations have different needs and installation of modular software is essential to meet up with the dynamic requirements of a company.

You need a high-end ERP software solution for keep pace with the shifting requirement in the economic world and separate yourself from your competitors. A lot of strategy and a huge cost is involved in a proper implementation of the software though it compensates the requirement of any investment in the long run.

This type of software is most desirable as it accommodate the requirements of industries in every sector like manufacturing, healthcare, IT and government sector. The most important benefit of this software is its easy scalability. The data can be accessible from anywhere whenever required that results in the increasing of the level of production.  This is the reason why most organization are searching for a topnotch ERP Company in India for providing the best software service in a pocket friendly price.

This software not only supports the marketing and sales related issues of organizations but also keeps the record of production, distribution and inventory of an organization. It also plays an important role in positioning the right person in the right job. It also has a lot to do with customer care service were it takes up all the customer queries and make sure that deliveries are done on time.

Many web development and web hosting in India have stepped into developing ERP software for their clients. You can choose any one of them from the website. However, before you do so, do not forget to get a review of their work through the clients testimonials provided on their websites.

Website Services companyIf you are one of the intelligent people from the lot who believes in accepting the latest technology for their business and its growth, then you should be aware of the significance of web solutions and having an online presence. The idea is to look for an IT company that can offer you all possibly required services under the same roof within your means.

Are you a company that might be well settled in the industry but then definitely amiss where marketing is concerned? Do you always look for more especially an efficient way in which you can give your firm a global presence? Are you a start up firm and want the world to know that you exist? Do you continuously look for novel ways to understand the marketing of business and how to make your products and services available to all? In all such cases, you first need to know that technology has advanced a great deal in the past few decades. There are effective ways in which you can reach out to millions and millions of people through one platform of the internet. Herein, you will be needing web solutions and a creative and attractive website to allure the clients and customer towards your firm. The biggest challenge is to look for a company that can help you out with quality and affordable web solutions.

Web solutions are something that is needed by both mid size businesses as well as corporate firms. It is quite a universal requirement that cannot be avoided seeing the current scenario where everything is moving towards technology and methods that are fast and easy to use. For all the techie freaks and for all those who are not, there can be no batter solution than having a website that signifies your products as well as services that you are experienced in. The website gives an online presence as well as makes it highly convenient for the clients to check out the services and take decisions accordingly.

For website services company in Kolkata, the top notch options in the industry comes in the form of Lnsel. They not only have an experience to flaunt but also a list of happy and satisfied clients that they are simply proud of. Such agencies are an all rounder in the market with quality services, affordable rates as well as the ability to adapt to changing times and techniques at regular intervals. This guarantees 100 percent efficient results to all those who are planning a website development as well as looking for cost effective maintenance. To make sure you have a comfortable journey, all other possibly related services are available under the same hub.domain registration service

The range of other services that you might have a need for, includes ERP solutions, software solutions, mobile applications, SEO services, medical transcriptions and BPO services. This makes sure that your business has a laid forum where it can tread successfully and without any hassles.

Domain registration in India is the first thing that needs to be done even before website designing and development. In simple terms, it will boo your personal space on the internet where you can develop an attractive profile for your company. There are definitely a handful of good options that you can look into before making the final decision. Make sure they have a reputation to behold.

web hosting companiesA lot of companies in the world today, offer different types of online services. These companies can offer you plenty of advantages if you wish to build your own site. If you wish to design your site but do not have the time to do it on your own, a web services company can just offer you the ideal solution.

Many web services company offer different type of services. Starting from site designing to programming, they can help you with everything. If you want to hire the services of a web service professional, then you should always do some research. Just compare the prices and services offered by different companies. You should also stress on the reputation of a company before offering them the contract.

Web applications are made with programming languages. Image galleries, audio and video files and content can be easily managed by the site owner. He can use templates to post site contents such as articles.  Apart from such applications, the website services company in Kolkata or anywhere else also offer web hosting services. Unless a site is properly hosted, it will not be live and accessible. Hosting ensures that the site can be opened any time and from any part of the world. Such companies should offer a server for handling different sites.Web Hosting companies

You can find plenty of web hosting in India or anywhere else for that matter. So, you should always do some research in order to find a good and reliable one. Apart from hosting, these companies also offer online marketing or email marketing services. When a company need to promote their products or services, these companies can definitely be of great help. There are lots of other advertisements or marketing strategies that can boost your online presence.  So, choosing such companies can offer with plenty of advantages.

If you are looking to create a site for your business, a web services company can just offer the perfect solution. Designing and developing a site and its different applications can be pretty time consuming. So, you should always find someone who has the skill and experience in this particular field. You can find plenty of companies on the online directories. So, you always need to do some research in order to find the best one!

In this fast moving world, where only the latest and the speediest technology is in demand, if you are looking for advertising or bringing your industry on a global forum, then there is nothing better than have a website. Apart from this there are a lot of web solutions that you will need to fasten your business and its processes. The idea is to trust an experienced specialist in this field who knows how to meet individual specifications.

Are you someone who is aWebsite Services company complete believer of latest and advanced technology use for their business? Do you really know and understand the significance of internet solutions that brings along a universal platform for you to work on and creates an online presence all around the world? Do you have the slightest idea on which solutions can help you in an ideal manner in getting success and fame for your company? If yes, then what are you doing about it? Are you trying to get a hang of the most effective services for solving the purpose and reaching your goals? The best one stop solution is to adhere to web solutions and invest in getting a website made. This will book your space on the internet and make is easy for the clients to access your profile. For this, you will need an IT company who has the reputation of serving only the best results.

Website services are not only restricted to website designing, but for complete success you will also need to look into the development and most importantly into web hosting aspects. This will also give you the broad benefit of storing your data online in a safe and sound environment and with a password protection. There are a lot of other things like customization that you should look into before choosing the best firm for your requirements. They should be able to work on individual needs and give appropriate ideas to each one of them.

For those who are a resident of India and especially in Kolkata where the main branch office is, Lnsel is one of the leading choices to take without any second thoughts. They are one of the top Website services company in Kolkata that gives you a range of all possible services that you will ever needs where online and internet technology is concerned. The broad categories of web solutions include website designing, website application development, SEO services also known as search engine optimization, domain name registration, web hosting and more at affordable costs.

The range of other services for which you can completely lean on agencies like this one are that of ERP solutions, mobile applications, SEO services, medical transcriptions, software solutions and BPO. The concept is to give you the answers to all your queries under the same hub and that too within your stipulated budget.

There are a several good options where web hosting in India is concerned. However, you should look into both quality and reasonability while making your pick. A recognized agency will help you out with email hosting, windows hosting, domain and hosting control panel, server database support for MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

The first thing that comes to our mind while choosing a website hosting company is that they should always be reliable. Power interruption is a very common thing nowadays but with reliable companies around, the occurrences will be minimized to a certain extent. These companies ensure that even ifweb hosting companies the power supply gets disrupted, your website does not incur any damage. They have an improved back-up system and so the website is always up and running. Such companies greatly minimize the duration as well as the frequency of these power cuts.

But before hiring a hosting service, you should focus on the server up time. A standard hosting company has an up time of 99.9%. This makes your website easily accessible at any time and from any place in the world.

Before hiring any of the web hosting in India or anywhere else for that matter, always make sure that they have a good back-up system. A reliable company has a bunch of skilful professionals who can provide a lot of benefits to the site owners. They can repair or replace the defective hard disks in quick time. Even if some of your data gets lost due to a crashing system, they can easily retrieve the data for you from their backup. As virus infections are increasing each and every day, a hosting company should also focus on the security of their servers. Spam is another critical issue nowadays as it tries to acquire all the confidential data from a site. So, these companies should always offer with a well planned secure system.web development

It is extremely important to hire the right kind of professionals who offer a large disk space. There is a lot of difference between the utilizable disk space and the actual disk space. Companies having loads of websites will definitely offer with much lower space. Apart from such hosting services, there are plenty of web development company India or anywhere else for that matter.

Such programming professionals make sure that your site is completely functional. The test different widgets in your site and verify if all the widgets are performing properly or not. They can give your site the desired online presence.

So, now you can understand why such reliable hosting or programming professionals are so much in demand today!

domain registration serviceWith the sped up latest technologies, there has been a revolution in marketing and advertising the business all around the globe. One of the best ways to create a presence for your business or industry is the online forum. To create a space of your own, domain registration along with web hosting services are very significant. Look for a firm that can serve you with best possible services at affordable prices.

Are you someone who would want to work in par with the latest technologies and ideas? Do you want your business to enter the global forum and one where people recognize it all around the world? Are you aware that with internet presents you can reach out to millions of people? Do you know that in the long run, web solutions and websites are much cheaper form of advertisements than the printed mediums? Are you looking for making your business, big or small famous in just a short period of time? If you as a business man or a venture start-up has any of these desires, then the best and the most ideal solution for you is to create your website on the internet. For this, you will need to rely on a renowned firm that specializes in website designing and all other related services under the same roof.

Domain registration is one of the most common terms that are used nowadays and you must be quite aware about it. In simple words, it is booking your own personal space on the internet where you can promote, buy or sell your business and products respectively. Whether you are looking for creating company websites or e-commerce websites for selling products, you will definitely need a guaranteed domain on the net for all your requisites. Apart from this web hosting services are another of the prevalent needs which gives you the access of storage and other facilities on your portal.domain registration service

For people who stay in India, especially in Kolkata, we have some good news for you in the form of Lnsel. As one of the top-notch firms in all kinds of web and software solutions, they are the best you can get where domain registration and web hosting is concerned as well. All this and a lot of related services are available at reasonable prices. For unsurpassed domain registration in India, you can easily fall back on such companies who have years of experience in the field and knows exactly what the client wants and requires. The team of professionals is completely dedicated to making each of the projects a success for the benefit of the clients.

The other array of services that such software development companies specialize in includes solutions for softwares, mobile applications, medical transcriptions, web solutions, ERP solutions, all kinds of designing for different kinds of websites and SEO services to improve the visibility of your website on the internet.

Among the top web hosting companies Kolkata, you can blindly trust the experienced ones for perfect outcomes. Web hosting is a part of domain registration and both are needed for the success of the website launch. Herein, email hosting is also something that you might need along with a server monitoring support all the 24 hours of the day. An up-time guarantee of 99 percent is a feature you should look for.

domain registration serviceHave you ever wondered how can a domain name change the online presence you have? There are necessities of domains for any website you have. It enhances the route of connecting with most of the potential online customers.

Being the online business owner you may get confused initially with the type of registration with domain name that you should have. The process is definitely profitable if you reach the right place. Getting the most deserved domain name for a website helps playing a vital role for advertising the online business that website holds. It is advisable that good registration companies are consulted before you get your presence registered.

Now, what are ways you can pick the right name for your website?  How can you attract traffic and more converted customers at the business you own? Completing your business is possible through correct registration of domain name. Different companies take different charges for assigning domain to your website. The charges depend on the type of advertisement your website is going to get. Domain name is different from the services available for web hosting. Rates are also adversely different.  As rates are charges same from anyone, you will never be aggrieved for getting charged more!

While you have the help of registering your domains, it is a fact that a good purchase of domain will represent the online business you have better. Your potential products will get noticed among most top rated search engines. Correct domains help opening your website to more number of customers and people will be able to find you easily. Not only that a good bandwidth that will come with a great domain registration service Kolkata. This will allow having deals with customers with a never-changing name of business and will be affected in your online presence for a long duration.domain registration service

Different possibilities are there that comes with domain name. They have their specific time period just as you deal with registration companies. The companies will give certain guidelines that will remove the obstacles that were preventing you get a better online presence. You can expand the period of your domain name with renewing the deal.

Getting name for domains registered for the website from a well reputed company assisting domain registration in India will help your business reach higher profits and heights. Go affordable! Find companies which can serve you for the entire process for registering an effective domain name. Let them spur your business and grow to its new dimensions. Find the various registration companies from internet and compare their work ability and choose the best one. It is better to get the precaution about the services to get satisfactory returns as profit!