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Are you under the impression that a great functional website is all you need for achieving online success? Unfortunately, gaining a strong online presence isn’t that simple. You need stunning sites which can pull more visitors and then convert them into customers. Wondering what makes web design so important? Read on then!

The way your site looks like is one of the most important aspects of gaining a strong online presence. You need to have a site which is crafted with unique ideas, innovative designs, magnificent logos and splendid logos, through which, your business can attract more customers. While you may think that crafting a great website comes with a hefty price tag, reality is that you need to choose affordable packages and find a web design style that perfectly suits your business!

Website Design

Still wondering what makes web design the key to a strong online presence? Scroll down to get your answers then!

A Few Reasons Why Choosing Website Design In Kolkata Is Crucial For Your Online Success

1.Navigation And Usability
While your existing site may be packed with lots of information, are you sure if visitors can actually find what they have been looking for? In the present times, internet users judge a website within mere seconds of landing on it and making the navigation as much intuitive as possible is thus essential for ensuring a great user experience. Investing in high-quality web design is essential for your business.

If each of the pages on your site uses different fonts, different styles and looks different, there are chances that most of your users will navigate away. To achieve your desired success, you must use the same set of style, format and typeface guidelines which serve as the backbone for various pages. This ensures a sense of consistency when visitors navigate through your website for making their experience more streamlined and coherent.

Responsive Web Design

3.Tough Competition
One of the greatest reasons why you must choose a reliable agency for website design in Kolkata is to gain an edge in the competitive industry. If your competitor’s site appears to be and professional, there are high chances that potential customers will choose that site instead of your amateur site. Splurging a little on stunning web design can thus be a fantastic way of setting yourself apart from competitors. Web design can thus be one of those few areas through which you can make your business appear to be the obvious choice by crafting an attractive site.

4.Search Engine Optimisation
There are various web designing practices and elements which affect the way you wish to publish content on your site, which is influenced by how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Without proper on-page SEO optimisation, you will have to fight a tough visibility battle right from the beginning. Thus, the best way to make your site SEO-friendly is by partnering with a reputed web design agency.

5.Lasting Impression On Customers
Your site will act as the digital face of your business and thus you should think of it as a customer service representative to make a good impression. A well-designed site is like a friendly and polite representative who helps customers in every possible way. Thus, by getting your site crafted from the specialists, you can set the right foundation for a long lasting relationship with your customers.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly hire a reputed web design agency and escalate your business to new heights with a stunning website!


If you are looking for efficient management software for your college, you will definitely come across numerous companies offering the following in India. Not only is the tool useful for simplifying tasks while running the institution but also saves sufficient time and money. Few of the vital tasks offered by it are managing educational process, alert stakeholders in real-time, track students, study dashboard reports, improve your efficiency, and help you undertake informed decisions.

Since the advantages offered by the tool are numerous, it’s high time you start looking for a reliable company offering it. Negligence to choose the best among them might have a negative impact in your education system. Not only will it lead to exorbitant cost, but is also counter-productive and time-consuming. The best is to take few factors into consideration before choosing the software.

Colleges management software in Kolkata

Few Points To Consider While Choosing Colleges Management Software In Kolkata

Your Goals
Though there might be numerous reasons for which you are deploying the software, you need to understand your primary goals and targets. Choose a tool which can cover all the vital aspects of your college. Make sure that achieving your enrolment targets becomes easy after it has been implemented.

The security of your data is very vital in today’s world and its importance can only be realised after your advanced security system has been breached. Look for a company who can provide you with transparent and genuine information about their security. Check single sign-in, data redundancy, robust role-based permissions, IP access controls, and multi-factor authentication, among others.

When you are choosing colleges management software in Kolkata, you should not only compare their benefits and features but also their price. Look for a software which is not only within your budget but also fulfils all your requirements. Compare the cost quoted by different companies and the features offered by each tool.

School management software in kolkata

Each college differs and so does their management. Opting for a customisable software is really helpful if you are willing to serve numerous users simultaneously, irrespective of it being hosted on-site or on the cloud. Opt for a company engaged in designing flexible models to support the complexities of your management system.

Following the tips stated above will definitely help you choose software which will help you run your college without downtime, besides enhancing the efficiency of your staffs.

Willing to hire a web development company for your organisation’s website? Looking for reliable web developers who can design and manage your website? Are you finding it to be a Herculean task? Fret not. You simply need to know the correct process of hiring a web development firm!

It’s true that when it comes to website design and development, quality is of utmost importance. A good developer can not only make your website search-engine friendly but even fulfil all your business requirements by developing a variety of web-based applications. Similarly, a wrong web development company can cost you both- your time and money. However, if you know about the vital considerations and questions to ask; you can easily be free from future risks and losses!


Scroll down to know everything that you should keep in mind while hiring a web development company!

Factors to consider while hiring a Web Development Company in Kolkata

Company Responsiveness
Responsiveness forms to be an integral aspect of the entire web development process. Check how quick the company responses to your queries. Assess if they answer your calls or return your calls on time. Thus, you should choose a company who has great responsiveness.

Look for Ones Who Have Multi-channel Proficiency
Before finalising on any web development company, you should check if they are proficient in various fields like- SEO, Social Media and PPC. For a web development firm, it is very important to have equal expertise in each of these areas so that they can build your site up to your expectations.

Further, check if they have proficiency in other areas like W3C validations, Website Template Design, coding practices, Meta tags, etc.

Prioritise More on Quality Programming Skills
It often happens that recruiters tend to prefer rich educational background over skills. However, you should prioritise more on the programming skills of the web developers other than their academic qualifications. A highly qualified person may or may not be a good programmer!

Web Development Company in Kolkata
Questions To Ask A Potential Web Development Firm

  1. While looking for an efficient web development company in Kolkata, you should ask him vital questions like-
    1.What is your website development process?
    2.Does your code with proper documentation which allows mitigation and scalability?
    3.Can I check feedback from your previous clients?
    4.Where will you be hosting my site?
    5.Who will be responsible for writing my website’s content- internal writers or contractors? Do you have a Content Management System Network?
    6.How do you handle website software updates?
    7.How will you help me to boost my website traffic and generate leads?
    8.What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform before launching any new website?
    9.How will you make my website more search-engine friendly?
    10.How long will the project take?

No matter whether you are a start-up, a big commercial entity or an old player in the business, getting the best development services has never been easier than this. So what are you still thinking of? Time to get in touch with a leading web development company!

Often treated to be one of the greatest tools for development of your business, a responsive website is a must for any brand desiring to enhance its online presence. Irrespective of you being a business owner or any employee looking for a reliable company offering website development services, it is vital to make a wise choice.

Since it is a major financial investment for you, unless you invest wisely, you might end up wasting your valuable time, energy and money. Make sure to take the below-mentioned points into consideration before appointing one.

  • Understand Your Requirements

It is vital to understand the goals and long-term requirements of your business for you to convey the same to the service provider you are appointing. Pick one who can understand your goals, then only can they help you to meet those. The focus should be on crafting a responsive site which improves the online presence of your business with the passage of time.

Understand Your Needs

  • Traffic And Profits

Though many suppose these two to be the same, it is not. Having a large number of visitors or huge traffic does not necessarily mean your brand will be making huge profits. If you desire your target audience to spend more time on your site, make sure it offers simple and easy navigation.

Traffic Analysis

  • Experience Matters

Your expectation from your website is totally different from the others. With many companies offering services of website development in Kolkata, make sure the one you appoint have experience in developing various web-based applications to meet individual business requirements of their clients. Only a stable and established web development company can cater to your needs of crafting a unique site.

Web Development Service Kolkata

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  • Uninterrupted Client Support

Make sure the company you approach offer uninterrupted quick response support 24*7. Your online site has a lot of functioning aspects; you being not so tech savvy might have a problem understanding them. Unless those queries are resolved in the shortest span of time, it may lead to frustrations as well as wastage of your time and money.

Client Support

  • Services They Provide

The job of the company you approach for web development in Kolkata should not end after crafting the website for you. Ensure they provide services of website maintenance and redesigning, blog customisation, flash based web design, cross browser web design, website template designing, web application design, logo and brochure designing, graphics designs, and website redesigning, and more.

Web Services

Never Hurry

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

We understand you are too eager to launch a responsive website and yield your output as soon as possible, but never-ever hurry while choosing the ideal service provider. Consider the points mentioned above and decide wisely. Though your time is valuable, it is wise to take your time and compare every service provider before appointing one. After all, a successful website can divert your search traffic towards sales and thus maximise your profit margin.

Designing and development of a website is the first stage towards marketing. In order to make it universally known to all, it must be given ranking through certain technical process which comprises SEO techniques.

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Internet Marketing Strategy

In the age of high technology, internet usage has increased up to a high level. It is the network of networks. A network is formed by interconnection of all the components in a particular pattern. Today many e-books are available which has reduced the pain of suffering caused due to unavailability of hard copies. Video conferencing with live chatting and message sending like advanced facilities have made life easier.

Similarly, marketing through online processes have made the strategy easy. In other words, the evolution of digital marketing has enhanced IT industry up to a certain height. It involves promoting the products and their concerned websites through various ways. Some of the techniques used by Seo Company in India include:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Blog Comments
  • Forum Comments
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Brochure
  • Grey Hat
  • Black Hat


In this modern age websites are a must if you want to be successful globally. Website Development companies are the saviours in this matter. Heres a brief view on The benefits that they offer.

website development

Nowadays, the internet is probably the strongest form of media. Every Information, a person can possibly think of, is available on the internet. This is the reason that nowadays, the internet has become the most preferred place for advertisements and promotions. As a result, every company needs a rock solid web presence to survive in this era. This is the very reason; most of the companies and businesses build up a website. It can easily market the products and services available globally and portrays a desirable profile to the world. This is where website development companies play a very important role. They design the website, as desired by the company and slowly website development is becoming a booming prospect in itself.

website development

When it comes to website development India, the Indian market is gaining popularity like it never has before. The Indian market has lots of satisfied clients and success to boast of in all arenas. There are many special and unique features of the Indian website development market. Some of these are:-

  • Competent Skill: Indian IT professionals possess great technical skills and with these skills they have developed unique methodologies to guarantee 100% satisfaction rate.
  • Low operating costs: Due to the Lower manpower costs in India, India has a lot to offer to countries located outside India.
  • The advantages of sharing responsibility: Indian website development gives you the benefit of sharing work and responsibility. It further adds flexibility, activeness, greater efficiency and effectiveness to generate great value for money.
  • Technical knowledge: Indian companies have great technical knowledge to solve any kind of problem one might encounter.

web development India

With the everyday advancement in technology, the demand for Responsive website development in India is also increasing day by day. Grossly speaking, a responsive website uses technologies that allow it to ‘Respond’ to the device. Responsive website design is much more, than just a catchy slogan. Some of its salient features are as follows:-

  • Images, including those in sliders get resized automatically.
  • Header and normal texts get formatted and resized automatically.
  • The irksome horizontal scrolling is no longer necessary, as in case of non responsive websites.

Responsive website development is still in its early ages, but it has impressed everyone, starting from end users to developers. It is worth giving a serious thought while developing a website.

Android is a masterpiece created by Google which is highly in demand, nowadays. That is why; Android development is at its peak. On the other hand, the web development companies help business create their web profile.

android appsThe internet is the most powerful and active medium of this world at present. Nowadays, it is a basic demand for every business association to develop a website. Not only does it help the users, it advertises the company like nothing else. The reason behind this is that the internet is the place or medium of search for one and all. Web development companies help the creation and development of such websites. On the other hand, smart phones have also created a new wave in the global tech market. Mobile application development has also created a buzz in the market. With newer applications cropping up every second, the competition is also a huge one. Android is the platform and base of this mobile application development.

Android development grabbing the attention worldwide:

Mobile applications can be developed on various platforms such as .Net Compact Framework, Symbian Platform, Windows, Android etc. But android is the most successful among them all. Android is a Linux Kernel based mobile software platform and operating system created by Google designed primarily for smart phones and tablet computers. It has caught the attention of tech companies around the globe. Android development in India is not far behind. Various developments in this field are being done from here itself. There are IT professionals and engineers who possess a good amount of knowledge on android and its applications. Android is popular because android is a firm platform to create mobile applications. Seeing the recent trend, it can be preconceived that android is here to stay for a long time. All we have to do is wait and watch for the developments which take place with the passage of time.web development

Get your business website developed by experts:

A website is now the mode and place for virtual businesses. That is why; we know how important it is to you. We can assure you that Web development company can give you the desired website. It has an experienced and qualified group of experts who have proved their expertise time and again. They understand your need and can design and develop the website exactly according to your requirement. However, before you decide on any company, you can always take references and recommendations.

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Are you looking for a Blackberry application development company? Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when looking for Blackberry application development services.

Applications- How It Has Changed Our Lives?

android apps development indiaApplications have definitely made our life easy. Not only it makes our life easy, but it also offers consumers with exceptional benefits. From corporate business professionals to homemakers, teenagers, more and more people are now using a huge range of applications for different purpose. They either depend on the different applications for business or perhaps for entertainment.

Do You Have Blackberry?

Blackberry is now one of the most popular devices which offers a huge range of applications to the users. It’s mainly made for the business class, as they need to make use of different applications for business purpose.

Blackberry apps development India has become very popular in the last few years, as there is a huge demand of these phones among all the consumers. The rich applications of these phones has made the life of business people easy. Moreover, this industry is also offering huge job opportunities to people.

Nowadays, most of the application development companies are looking for skilled and professionally trained experts who can help them to develop rich applications that will make the lives of people easier.

The younger generation definitely wants to be a part of this industry because this industry offers career growth and they will also get the opportunity to be a part of the Blackberry app development industry. After all, Blackberry is a brand and it really matters.blackberry apps development

Benefits Of Blackberry Application Development

Most of the business men make use of the rich Blackberry applications to make some of the most crucial business decisions. When it comes to blackberry application development, it definitely offers a lot of flexibility and has developed a huge range of applications. To put it simply, it’s flexibility means that it can be built on different platforms such as Java, MDS, J2ME etc.

Be it for Blackberry application development or ios apps development India, you should always choose the best companies. Keep your eyes and ears open to choose the best company.

In recent times, the most popular and developing industry is certainly the mobile application development market. The justification of the statement can actually be realized, when we focus on the demands of the mobile based applications in the market. The demand is growing at a fast pace owing to the increasing use of Smartphones, tablets and other devices. A lot of software companies these days want to exploit the opportunities of this market and come up with new user-friendly apps.

In the earlier times, softwarandroid-app-developmente companies just preferred to hire industry professionals (like software engineers) for research, development and marketing of applications. Nowadays, with the advent of Smartphones and tablet devices, this trend has changed quite a bit. This has led to the increasing demand as well as the popularity of the apps. Mobile application development for the Smartphones and tablets, has offered the software companies a golden opportunity to explore the dynamic platform.

Before opting for any of the android apps development India or anywhere else, you must be aware about the different advantages of the mobile applications. Developing mobile applications for Smartphones enable the developers to bring their creativity and innovation into play.  A lot of OS platforms are available these days, and thus the competition between them is growing day by day. But the end of it all, the consumers are bound to be the ultimate winners. The app developers offer a large set of apps to their clients (based on different platforms).

Such platforms include iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian apps development

The need and demand for such apps are growing day by day. So, the prospect of the industry as well as the developers is certainly quite good. The companies offering mobile apps development India or anywhere else, have lots of innovative ideas. They can develop the apps by utilizing GPRS, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. The developers are always eager to develop Smartphone or tablet based apps on different categories. These include finance, games, news, weather, business, travel, fashion, lifestyle and education.

These are some of the hot favorite categories of mobile applications. In addition to these, many companies also develop many more creative apps. A quality developer will only understand your specific needs. So, you need to hire the right one!