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Do you wish to boost your business performance with outstanding ERP solutions? Are you on the lookout for a service provider who specialises in customising the ideal ERP solution for businesses? No worries. All you need to do is learn a few vital qualities which you must look for while choosing an ERP solution provider!

erp software companies

Just the way it is important to select the right ERP software, so is choosing the right ERP company. The right ERP software can be the ideal solution which covers almost every aspect of your business- be it HR, sales or distribution. You can even avail customised ERP software solutions to synchronise the economic and manufacturing procedures which are significant for your business. However, going wrong while adding a new technology is very easy and it is due to this reason that making the correct decision is crucial.

Wondering how to find a leading service provider within your budget? Read on.

Few Vital Qualities To Look For While Choosing ERP Solution Providers

  1. Proven Track Record

The foremost consideration you need to keep in mind while choosing a partner is whether the company has a proven track record or not as an ERP solutions provider. Check if the service provider has case studies of successful ERP implementation.

You can even speak with companies which have previously worked with the company in question. This will help you get a fair idea about the partner and even help you get some insider advice on the ways to work with the company.

  1. Understands Your Specific Requirements

One of the most important factors that you must keep in mind is to look for ERP software companies who can understand the individual requirements of your business. The partner you are planning to work with must have a vast experience in working for businesses within your industry. Since the requirements of a business vary from one business to another, you should look for a company which has the ability to adapt the ERP software to your specific needs.

  1. Superior Quality Services

ERP is completely a comprehensive software solution with the technical and customer support. During the development of the software, ERP solution providers should be able to provide you with reliable services along with the capability of taking a backup of the system. Ensure that the company has alternative plans for their clients if any one plan or solution fails. This way, you can be assured of availing consistent, efficient and high-quality services.

  1. Excellent Communication

Good communication is significant to any ERP implementation since this is a complicated and lengthy procedure which can take several months and even years. Due to this prolonged period, it is important for you to ensure that the company you are planning to work with, communicates well.

Ensure that the company you are choosing strives on excellent customer satisfaction and responds in a timely manner. Check that the company listens to your concerns and even provides effective solutions which meet your demands. Remember; good communication is crucial for successful ERP implementation.

Now that you are aware of these tips, what are you still here for? Quickly approach a reputed company and start availing world-class ERP solutions!


Google keeps bringing changes to its search ranking algorithm. While some are only little tweaks, others leave serious impact on SERP (search engine results page) SEO. Following are the most important algorithm changes in the recent years. Let’s see what different updates were about and how to stay safe with them.

Google Algorithm Updates

  • Panda – Introduced on 24th February, 2011, Panda algorithm is meant for duplicate, plagiarised content, keyword stuffing and user-generated spam. Quality Score sent by Panda previously used as a ranking factor. Though it was used as a filter, Panda has been incorporated in Google’s algorithm since 2016. Panda penalties may be avoided by checking sites for thin or duplicate content and keyword stuffing.
  • Penguin – Introduced on 24th April, 2012, Penguin algorithm is meant for irrelevant and spammy links. The algorithm down-rank sites with links that seems to be manipulative. Penguin has also become a part of Google’s core algorithm since 2016. To stay safe with Penguin, keep track of growth of your site’s link profile. You can check it on a regular basis with a dependable back link checker.
  • Hummingbird – Introduced on 22nd August, 2013, Hummingbird is meant for low quality content and keyword stuffing. The algorithm helps Google interpret search queries in a better way and accordingly provide better result that matches user’s intent instead of any individual term within the search query. Hummingbird enables a webpage to rank for a given search query even without containing the exact word/words the searcher looks for. And this is actually done by means of natural language processing based on co-occurring terms and synonyms and semantic indexing. If you want to play safe with Hummingbird, you need to expand the periphery of keyword research and instead of solely depending on the keywords, you should emphasize on concepts. You need to research co-occurring terms, synonyms and relevant searches with utmost diligence. And for better ideas related to this, you can depend on Google Autocomplete and Google Related Searches. Any reputed SEO service in India you hire to optimize your page is likely to take care of this update as well as others.

    SEO Specialist

  • Pigeon – Launched in 24th July, 2014 in US and on 22nd December, 2014 in Canada, UK and Australia, Pigeon targets poor SEO, both on-page and off-page. It focuses on the searches where the researcher’s location plays significant role. Pigeon closely ties together local algorithm and core algorithm. With this update, conventional SEO criteria are being used for local results. To stay safe with this update, you need to put special effort into both on- and off-page SEO.
  • Mobilegeddon – Introduced on 21st April, 2015, this algorithm is vigilant about if there is any lack of mobile version on a webpage. Poor mobile usability is the key hazard, as it comes to Mobile update. Mobile update, also known as Mobilegeddon, makes sure your page would rank higher if you have made it mobile-friendly. Webpages that are not properly optimized for mobile can be down-ranked. To stay safe, you need to make your page mobile-friendly and focus on the speed and usability.

These are just some of the leading Google algorithm updates. Updates like Rank-Brain, Possum and the latest, Fred are also there. All of them together have changed the meaning of SEO and helped to incorporate better SEO techniques.

Are you unsure if your business needs the expert services of an SEO company or not? Well, here comes a piece of good news. Businesses show certain signs which indicate that they need the assistance of an SEO company for development, helping you to make an informed decision. All you need to do is understand these symptoms and make the right decision!

Any business, regardless of its size, age, products and services can hire an SEO services company to get a competitive edge in the industry. Since understanding the intricacies of search engine optimisation is very challenging, complex and time-consuming, seeking assistance from a reliable SEO expert can indeed be an informed choice. Professionals remain up-to-date with the latest developments and can thus help you safeguard your business with the right SEO strategies.


Here are a few tell-tale signs which indicate that your business really needs the services of an SEO company to boost its marketing efforts!

4 Signs Your Business is in Need Of A Good SEO Services Company in Kolkata

  • Lack Of Web Traffic
    You may have created an eye-catching website for your business with everything that is required for promoting your sales. However, you may not be getting the traffic you had expected or see a sudden dip in traffic due to some underlying mistake. Since this may indicate a number of things it is always wise to seek assistance from a reputed agency that can help you avert these problems and optimise your website.
  • Your Business is Growing Rapidly
    As your business starts expanding, handling each and every aspect of it may be difficult for you. While you may think that you can afford to have an in-house team due to this substantial growth, the reality is that your team members will not have the essential expertise for improving your online presence. Availing expert services from a leading SEO services company in Kolkata can thus be a wise decision since with their vast experience and extensive knowledge, they can guarantee you success.
  • Your Competitors Rank Higher Than You
    Knowing how you perform against your competitors is a great way to assess the success of the marketing efforts you have put in. However, if you see that your competitors outrank you consistently in the search of those high-value keywords, seeking assistance from SEO experts can indeed be a wise decision. Ranking well in the various search engine pages is mainly a combination of relevancy and authority. While you may think that this can be done on your own, having someone who has an understanding of how Google interprets these two factors can actually help you gain a competitive edge.
  • Unsatisfied With Your Present SEO Partner
    It’s true that there are several SEO companies out there who cannot deliver the expected results due to their inabilities and poor performance. Consider symptoms like low SEO visibility, poor communication, inadequate content marketing as warning signs and look for a reputable company which boasts of a proven track record.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a renowned SEO service company and escalate your business to new heights!

Are you under the impression that a great functional website is all you need for achieving online success? Unfortunately, gaining a strong online presence isn’t that simple. You need stunning sites which can pull more visitors and then convert them into customers. Wondering what makes web design so important? Read on then!

The way your site looks like is one of the most important aspects of gaining a strong online presence. You need to have a site which is crafted with unique ideas, innovative designs, magnificent logos and splendid logos, through which, your business can attract more customers. While you may think that crafting a great website comes with a hefty price tag, reality is that you need to choose affordable packages and find a web design style that perfectly suits your business!

Website Design

Still wondering what makes web design the key to a strong online presence? Scroll down to get your answers then!

A Few Reasons Why Choosing Website Design In Kolkata Is Crucial For Your Online Success

1.Navigation And Usability
While your existing site may be packed with lots of information, are you sure if visitors can actually find what they have been looking for? In the present times, internet users judge a website within mere seconds of landing on it and making the navigation as much intuitive as possible is thus essential for ensuring a great user experience. Investing in high-quality web design is essential for your business.

If each of the pages on your site uses different fonts, different styles and looks different, there are chances that most of your users will navigate away. To achieve your desired success, you must use the same set of style, format and typeface guidelines which serve as the backbone for various pages. This ensures a sense of consistency when visitors navigate through your website for making their experience more streamlined and coherent.

Responsive Web Design

3.Tough Competition
One of the greatest reasons why you must choose a reliable agency for website design in Kolkata is to gain an edge in the competitive industry. If your competitor’s site appears to be and professional, there are high chances that potential customers will choose that site instead of your amateur site. Splurging a little on stunning web design can thus be a fantastic way of setting yourself apart from competitors. Web design can thus be one of those few areas through which you can make your business appear to be the obvious choice by crafting an attractive site.

4.Search Engine Optimisation
There are various web designing practices and elements which affect the way you wish to publish content on your site, which is influenced by how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Without proper on-page SEO optimisation, you will have to fight a tough visibility battle right from the beginning. Thus, the best way to make your site SEO-friendly is by partnering with a reputed web design agency.

5.Lasting Impression On Customers
Your site will act as the digital face of your business and thus you should think of it as a customer service representative to make a good impression. A well-designed site is like a friendly and polite representative who helps customers in every possible way. Thus, by getting your site crafted from the specialists, you can set the right foundation for a long lasting relationship with your customers.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly hire a reputed web design agency and escalate your business to new heights with a stunning website!

If you need an open, complete, and integrated suite of server, business applications, and storage solutions for your company, Oracle is simply the software you need. Over the years, it has turned out to be a blessing for the in-memory database market. This segment is growing at a steady rate and is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 19% within 2020. Its growth is gradually enhancing as the complete focus of the high-tech organizations is on releasing real-time analytics and extreme transactions. An in-memory database solution has almost become a necessity as a huge amount of data is being generated that makes it easier to extract value from the data.

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What Exactly Is An In-Memory Database?

For someone not aware of the term, it is a type of database where you can store every sort of critical data in Flash, DRAM, and SSD. The data can be stored either in a single or distributed server and helps in supporting different kinds of workloads like operational, transactional, running on-premises, analytical workloads, or in the cloud. Numerous vertical industries are using these top in-memory database workloads as real-time apps that require low-latency access to important business data. Operational efficiency can also be enhanced using IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications.

How Has The Modern Market Changed?

The method through which data is perceived in the modern market has changed. The data are being treated as a form of capital as they can provide the companies with deep insights into their customer profiles. They can craft new corporate strategies and so generating revenues become easy. The way the modern market has evolved, it has become necessary for the companies to digitize data before processing and they need to do it faster than their peers. The in-memory database solution offered by Oracle has helped a great deal in supporting next generation transactions, operational insights, and analytics.

Oracle Solution Kolkata

Oracle And In-Memory Solutions

Such being the situation, approaching a reliable company offering Oracle solution in Kolkata has become the need of the hour. It is not only about dropping a database on DRAM memory or flash storage with a server but provides the perfect in-memory solution. Rather than being those standard IT solutions, the in-memory solutions offered by Oracle is an IT solution that helps a company to enhance its revenue and provide more cost-saving opportunities.

Why Is Oracle Gaining Popularity?

One of the prime reasons why Oracle is treated to be the ultimate leader offering in-memory solutions is its flexibility and choice. Business owners have the freedom to choose between different solutions and deploy applications according to their business requirements. Few of the applications are specially designed to suit larger in-memory footprints.

The cloud based management platform offered by Oracle is exactly what has set it apart from the other solution providers. While the products offered by others can be cloud deployed, Oracle offers a comprehensive platform that has been especially build and designed for the cloud. Approach any company offering Oracle solution and reap the benefits of increased security, improved data mobility, and unique in-memory innovations!

Are you on the lookout for ways through which you can transform your sluggish business into a profitable one? Do you wish to have higher ROI by building a great app? Still wondering how to choose the right developer? Relax. All you need to do is check out a list of questions which you must ask for making an informed decision!

With the mobile application development market expanding at a rapid pace, more and more companies are popping up who specialise in developing Android apps. Be it your need for business apps and mobile games or Wi-Fi and GPS based apps, the right company will use the newest technology to develop your mobile apps. It is here that the need for choosing the right development company comes to the picture!

Android App Development

Read on then to find out what you should ask a professional for making a well-informed choice!

7 Questions To Ask A Developer While Choosing An Android Development Company

1.What Are The Platforms You Specialise In?
It is always better to make everything clear right in the beginning. Ask the developer of the devices he can develop your app for. Inquire if the company specialises in developing Android, iOS or cross-platform apps. In case the app is linked to some website, verify if the site can be optimised for mobile use.

2.How Will My App Make Money Through Advertising?
Not only should this be a part of your business objectives but even a vital consideration while discussing with your potential developer. For a website which can make money through advertising, ensure if it will be optimised for the same. If you wish your app to drive traffic to your website, inquire how it will engage visitors to re-visit after the first transaction.

3.What Type Of Testing Does Your Company Do?
While it’s true that there are various types of testing, not all of those are applicable for all applications. Thus, be it stress or AB-testing, you must inquire about the testing done by the company and check if it will be relevant for your app. Ask your potential agency about the testing methods they use, what they are for and how those testing can help in improving your business.

4.Do You Cover All The Steps Of The App Development Cycle?
Though this depends on the kind of app you wish to develop, by choosing a reliable Android development company in India you can be assured that every stage of the app development cycle will be covered. Though there are developers who offer user-interface design, some do the development and coding. Since post-launch maintenance can be an additional expense, verify about the stages covered by the company.

5.How Does Your Team Communicate During The Process?
Reputed developers ensure that their clients are always updated about how the process is going. With their belief in transparency, they give constant and daily updates to their customers to keep them on loop. Thus, you must choose a developer who communicates very often and in ways which are comfortable to you.

6.Can You Tell Me About The Latest Technology You Are Using?
If you wish to have apps which are really cutting-edge and act as the trademark for others to follow, you must inquire about the technology and ideas they are planning to use for your app. A diligent team of mobile app developers are ones who not only use the latest technology but even remain up-to-date with vital skills.

7.Do You Submit The App In The App Store?
While looking for the right company, choosing a subscribed developer can be a wise decision since they can submit your app to the app store. While it’s true that anyone can develop a company, only a subscribed developer can submit it for you.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a renowned Android development company and start availing exemplary services!

Developing a mobile app is indeed a great idea if you have a mind-blowing business idea and willing to bring it to life. With advancement in technology, mobile apps have become quite popular with people of every age group.

Approaching a reliable Android company in India and developing a mobile application is almost like a blessing in disguise for small, medium, and large-sized business owners. Staying away from those small development mistakes will also become easier. Avoiding those is a must if you are willing your business and mobile app navigates without any hurdle.

Android Company in india

Few Development Mistakes The Best Android Company In India Can Help You Avoid

Viewing Mobile Experience As A Minimised Web Experience
Even though they might look similar, a mobile app is quite different from that of a website so the development process also differs. They differ in size, functionality, and scope. An app can never do all the same things like your site. Your android company should develop an app which you can access while travelling, is customisable, and have more intuitive touch interfaces. Instead of using those pre-established functionalities or designs, a delightful user experience can be created by using the available hardware.

Neglecting The Utility Of Monetization
Monetizing an app without being aware of its consequences can do more harm than good. If you are really willing to make some money through your app, simply opt for some in-app advertising. Blend the various monetizing options so that you can choose one that suits your project the best. You can pursue the correct path with ease if you become pro-active from the early stages of the development process. Organising the apps through their popularity and genre will help you understand how popular apps are monetizing.

Insufficient Platform Considerations
With so many platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows being available for app development, choosing the best is a bit tough. Since Android is a free and open platform, its popularity is enhancing gradually. Leveraging Android will help you create a custom mobile app. All you need to do is approach the best android company in India and the process will become simpler. They have experienced developers who can discuss with you the advantages you can reap by selecting Android.

Not Doing Enough To Sell Your App
If you are one of those business owners who think that their mobile app is going to sell itself, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Even if you launch the most advanced and functional app, they have to struggle with thousands of competitors. Unless you have a comprehensive plan to sell your app, enhancing their visibility and targeting the right audience will become tough. Start by identifying the issues that the market you are targeting might face and then develop an app that can solve those.

Since the mistakes stated above can prove fatal for your mobile app, take the aid of the best android company and let their skilled developers deal with those!

Are you an administrator responsible for managing the daily activities of a college? Do you think that managing the regular activities of an educational institution is a herculean task? Fret not. All you need to do is choose the best and most effective college management software for your institution!

Whether it is a school, college or a university, effective supervision of educational institutions has always been a top concern for the people associated with it. While it’s true that initially administrators had limited options since most tasks were done manually, the scenario has changed now. Administration software these days come in different shapes and sizes for various types of institutions and administration needs. However, with the introduction of ERP software, managing an institution in an organised manner has become easier!

Wondering what makes these systems so beneficial? Then take a look below to get your answers!

Colleges management software in India

6 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Colleges Management Software In India

1.Brings Accountability
By using ERP, the administrators of an institution can never do away with their accountability and responsibility. Not only do they have the power to check various things regularly but they even need to maintain their regular duty of careful monitoring and checking of several functions.

2.Adds Integration
Various functions of an institution are independent and dependent on each other. Thus, the integration of each of these functions for data gathering, calculation and generation are essential for effective supervision. It is here that the need for ERP comes to the picture since such software can do everything for you. The data stored on it can be utilised for compilation and generation whenever you want.

3.Reduces The Total Cost
There is no denying the fact that the cost of day-to-day supervision of a college is huge and in most cases, these occur due to excessive paperwork. Since ERP can bring down the usage of paperwork, it reduces the overall organisation cost to a great extent.

4.Brings Professionalism
By opting for colleges management software in India, one of the greatest benefits your institute can avail is that it brings professionalism at various levels of the institution. With the introduction of ERP, you can have a platform which has the ability to convert most desk jobs. This reduces the overall workload which usually arises due to unnecessary paperwork.

5.Brings Transparency And Clarity
The management of a college remains liable to various regulatory bodies. From audit departments and tax officials to trustees and much more, the administrators are accountable to various authorities. Since ERP stores the data securely, several issues related to the transparency of data and accounts get resolved.

6.Induces Better Relations
Any efficient ERP software can help the administrators to have a new virtual campus where students can easily interact with the management. The administrators can convey various vital messages and information while students can check the important messages and information. This results in better students-management relationship.

Now that you know what makes these so beneficial, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to invest in reputed college management software for effective supervision of your daily activities!

Willing to hire a web development company for your organisation’s website? Looking for reliable web developers who can design and manage your website? Are you finding it to be a Herculean task? Fret not. You simply need to know the correct process of hiring a web development firm!

It’s true that when it comes to website design and development, quality is of utmost importance. A good developer can not only make your website search-engine friendly but even fulfil all your business requirements by developing a variety of web-based applications. Similarly, a wrong web development company can cost you both- your time and money. However, if you know about the vital considerations and questions to ask; you can easily be free from future risks and losses!


Scroll down to know everything that you should keep in mind while hiring a web development company!

Factors to consider while hiring a Web Development Company in Kolkata

Company Responsiveness
Responsiveness forms to be an integral aspect of the entire web development process. Check how quick the company responses to your queries. Assess if they answer your calls or return your calls on time. Thus, you should choose a company who has great responsiveness.

Look for Ones Who Have Multi-channel Proficiency
Before finalising on any web development company, you should check if they are proficient in various fields like- SEO, Social Media and PPC. For a web development firm, it is very important to have equal expertise in each of these areas so that they can build your site up to your expectations.

Further, check if they have proficiency in other areas like W3C validations, Website Template Design, coding practices, Meta tags, etc.

Prioritise More on Quality Programming Skills
It often happens that recruiters tend to prefer rich educational background over skills. However, you should prioritise more on the programming skills of the web developers other than their academic qualifications. A highly qualified person may or may not be a good programmer!

Web Development Company in Kolkata
Questions To Ask A Potential Web Development Firm

  1. While looking for an efficient web development company in Kolkata, you should ask him vital questions like-
    1.What is your website development process?
    2.Does your code with proper documentation which allows mitigation and scalability?
    3.Can I check feedback from your previous clients?
    4.Where will you be hosting my site?
    5.Who will be responsible for writing my website’s content- internal writers or contractors? Do you have a Content Management System Network?
    6.How do you handle website software updates?
    7.How will you help me to boost my website traffic and generate leads?
    8.What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform before launching any new website?
    9.How will you make my website more search-engine friendly?
    10.How long will the project take?

No matter whether you are a start-up, a big commercial entity or an old player in the business, getting the best development services has never been easier than this. So what are you still thinking of? Time to get in touch with a leading web development company!

Software! The very word sounds like something geeky, nerdy, technological, and intricate. Can it be developed by anyone and everyone? Not at all! You need to have the right amount of knowledge, expertise and funds for that.

Maybe this is why companies outsource their tasks of developing such programs when they lack manpower and finances. However, the bitter truth is, such outsourced projects often fail.

software company in India

Do you know why? – Because of poor execution.

Yes, most development projects never go on to the stage of completion; they are terminated before that, no matter how modern the applied technology is. Even Java and XML haven’t been able to save the game.

The solution to this is to be careful while picking a software company in India. You have to find the ideal firm, which has the perfect pool of talent that can cater to your requirements. The professionals handling the development tasks must be experienced enough to understand the pitfalls and avoid them.

But, what makes an ideal developer firm? Let’s go though some vital points:

    • Seeing the light about technicality:

Change is the only thing constant about technology. And, the firm you choose should know how to keep up with it. The next time you sit down to find such a firm, look for up-to-date skills and employee experience relevant to them.

The working team should include designers who can craft out the solution and coders who can make it run. The professionals should be comfortable with the latest technologies and platforms.

They should know how to develop prototypes rapidly and turn them into high grade programs. Of course, for this, the entire team will need to have a deep understanding of technicality evolved in the work.

    • Being versatile:

The team should have experts that come from different domains of software development. In short, you must have a versatile team that can take care of every aspect of your project.

Their scope of work should be diverse, so that they are well aware of the key to every issue that tries to lock the progress. The more versatile they are, the better it is for your project.

    • Indulging in future-oriented work:

As much as it is necessary to stay at par with the modern techniques and methods of the work, a future-driven way of developing applications is also needed. Remember, it is ‘technology’ that the firm is handling; it’s extremely dynamic.

This vision is needed if you want the application to be suitable for the future as well. It should be adjustable as per the requirements of the time ahead. Investing in an application that’s bound to become obsolete soon, is a pointless thing to do.

    • Staying truthful, trustworthy, and credible:

If you have taken up a plan to outsource your software development work, chances are you have picked a company, which you think is trustful. This is very essential to make the project successful. You must have faith in their decisions regarding the product.

Credibility, however, comes from acknowledged certifications and a proven track record. The firm’s skills of planning, projecting, and delivering a successful project can be noted from its past assignments.

Check if it holds a good position in the market and a rapport with clients. Moreover, it must also have a sound knowledge about legal compliances and work ethics, especially wherever there are chances of copyright infringement issues arising.

The best way to begin your inspection is by studying the firm’s website. Go though its portfolio and client testimonial section.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

Of course, you should also see to it that your queries get readily responded by a communicative staff. A friendly talk can build get business relationships, don’t you think? Start your search now.