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Are you an administrator responsible for managing the daily activities of a college? Do you think that managing the regular activities of an educational institution is a herculean task? Fret not. All you need to do is choose the best and most effective college management software for your institution!

Whether it is a school, college or a university, effective supervision of educational institutions has always been a top concern for the people associated with it. While it’s true that initially administrators had limited options since most tasks were done manually, the scenario has changed now. Administration software these days come in different shapes and sizes for various types of institutions and administration needs. However, with the introduction of ERP software, managing an institution in an organised manner has become easier!

Wondering what makes these systems so beneficial? Then take a look below to get your answers!

Colleges management software in India

6 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Colleges Management Software In India

1.Brings Accountability
By using ERP, the administrators of an institution can never do away with their accountability and responsibility. Not only do they have the power to check various things regularly but they even need to maintain their regular duty of careful monitoring and checking of several functions.

2.Adds Integration
Various functions of an institution are independent and dependent on each other. Thus, the integration of each of these functions for data gathering, calculation and generation are essential for effective supervision. It is here that the need for ERP comes to the picture since such software can do everything for you. The data stored on it can be utilised for compilation and generation whenever you want.

3.Reduces The Total Cost
There is no denying the fact that the cost of day-to-day supervision of a college is huge and in most cases, these occur due to excessive paperwork. Since ERP can bring down the usage of paperwork, it reduces the overall organisation cost to a great extent.

4.Brings Professionalism
By opting for colleges management software in India, one of the greatest benefits your institute can avail is that it brings professionalism at various levels of the institution. With the introduction of ERP, you can have a platform which has the ability to convert most desk jobs. This reduces the overall workload which usually arises due to unnecessary paperwork.

5.Brings Transparency And Clarity
The management of a college remains liable to various regulatory bodies. From audit departments and tax officials to trustees and much more, the administrators are accountable to various authorities. Since ERP stores the data securely, several issues related to the transparency of data and accounts get resolved.

6.Induces Better Relations
Any efficient ERP software can help the administrators to have a new virtual campus where students can easily interact with the management. The administrators can convey various vital messages and information while students can check the important messages and information. This results in better students-management relationship.

Now that you know what makes these so beneficial, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to invest in reputed college management software for effective supervision of your daily activities!

Willing to hire a web development company for your organisation’s website? Looking for reliable web developers who can design and manage your website? Are you finding it to be a Herculean task? Fret not. You simply need to know the correct process of hiring a web development firm!

It’s true that when it comes to website design and development, quality is of utmost importance. A good developer can not only make your website search-engine friendly but even fulfil all your business requirements by developing a variety of web-based applications. Similarly, a wrong web development company can cost you both- your time and money. However, if you know about the vital considerations and questions to ask; you can easily be free from future risks and losses!


Scroll down to know everything that you should keep in mind while hiring a web development company!

Factors to consider while hiring a Web Development Company in Kolkata

Company Responsiveness
Responsiveness forms to be an integral aspect of the entire web development process. Check how quick the company responses to your queries. Assess if they answer your calls or return your calls on time. Thus, you should choose a company who has great responsiveness.

Look for Ones Who Have Multi-channel Proficiency
Before finalising on any web development company, you should check if they are proficient in various fields like- SEO, Social Media and PPC. For a web development firm, it is very important to have equal expertise in each of these areas so that they can build your site up to your expectations.

Further, check if they have proficiency in other areas like W3C validations, Website Template Design, coding practices, Meta tags, etc.

Prioritise More on Quality Programming Skills
It often happens that recruiters tend to prefer rich educational background over skills. However, you should prioritise more on the programming skills of the web developers other than their academic qualifications. A highly qualified person may or may not be a good programmer!

Web Development Company in Kolkata
Questions To Ask A Potential Web Development Firm

  1. While looking for an efficient web development company in Kolkata, you should ask him vital questions like-
    1.What is your website development process?
    2.Does your code with proper documentation which allows mitigation and scalability?
    3.Can I check feedback from your previous clients?
    4.Where will you be hosting my site?
    5.Who will be responsible for writing my website’s content- internal writers or contractors? Do you have a Content Management System Network?
    6.How do you handle website software updates?
    7.How will you help me to boost my website traffic and generate leads?
    8.What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform before launching any new website?
    9.How will you make my website more search-engine friendly?
    10.How long will the project take?

No matter whether you are a start-up, a big commercial entity or an old player in the business, getting the best development services has never been easier than this. So what are you still thinking of? Time to get in touch with a leading web development company!

Software! The very word sounds like something geeky, nerdy, technological, and intricate. Can it be developed by anyone and everyone? Not at all! You need to have the right amount of knowledge, expertise and funds for that.

Maybe this is why companies outsource their tasks of developing such programs when they lack manpower and finances. However, the bitter truth is, such outsourced projects often fail.

software company in India

Do you know why? – Because of poor execution.

Yes, most development projects never go on to the stage of completion; they are terminated before that, no matter how modern the applied technology is. Even Java and XML haven’t been able to save the game.

The solution to this is to be careful while picking a software company in India. You have to find the ideal firm, which has the perfect pool of talent that can cater to your requirements. The professionals handling the development tasks must be experienced enough to understand the pitfalls and avoid them.

But, what makes an ideal developer firm? Let’s go though some vital points:

    • Seeing the light about technicality:

Change is the only thing constant about technology. And, the firm you choose should know how to keep up with it. The next time you sit down to find such a firm, look for up-to-date skills and employee experience relevant to them.

The working team should include designers who can craft out the solution and coders who can make it run. The professionals should be comfortable with the latest technologies and platforms.

They should know how to develop prototypes rapidly and turn them into high grade programs. Of course, for this, the entire team will need to have a deep understanding of technicality evolved in the work.

    • Being versatile:

The team should have experts that come from different domains of software development. In short, you must have a versatile team that can take care of every aspect of your project.

Their scope of work should be diverse, so that they are well aware of the key to every issue that tries to lock the progress. The more versatile they are, the better it is for your project.

    • Indulging in future-oriented work:

As much as it is necessary to stay at par with the modern techniques and methods of the work, a future-driven way of developing applications is also needed. Remember, it is ‘technology’ that the firm is handling; it’s extremely dynamic.

This vision is needed if you want the application to be suitable for the future as well. It should be adjustable as per the requirements of the time ahead. Investing in an application that’s bound to become obsolete soon, is a pointless thing to do.

    • Staying truthful, trustworthy, and credible:

If you have taken up a plan to outsource your software development work, chances are you have picked a company, which you think is trustful. This is very essential to make the project successful. You must have faith in their decisions regarding the product.

Credibility, however, comes from acknowledged certifications and a proven track record. The firm’s skills of planning, projecting, and delivering a successful project can be noted from its past assignments.

Check if it holds a good position in the market and a rapport with clients. Moreover, it must also have a sound knowledge about legal compliances and work ethics, especially wherever there are chances of copyright infringement issues arising.

The best way to begin your inspection is by studying the firm’s website. Go though its portfolio and client testimonial section.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

Of course, you should also see to it that your queries get readily responded by a communicative staff. A friendly talk can build get business relationships, don’t you think? Start your search now.

Not many years ago, software development was largely about the Waterfall Model. However, the methodology was found to be flawed. Thankfully, the processes have undergone huge changes.

With novel programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. the metamorphosis is still on, and it is moving toward the Agile approach. Today, the only thing the industry looks for is the ability to code well.

software development in Kolkata

But, why did the Waterfall Model fail in the first place?

If you ask a non-technical person about ‘software,’ he’ll describe it as a five-finger exercise. It can be easily done and more importantly, easily changed, according to him. No, it is not his fault.

The intricacies and convolutions often lie hidden from a layman. What lies beyond, resembles the inside of a clock. The cogs, springs, and anchors have to be placed in such a way that the clock ticks.

Only an expert can understand the mechanism well. But, for a non-technical guy, it is just a simple machine with the hands moving on the dial. Software, too, has such a mechanical setup which is not as simple as it seems.

The mechanism, however, needs to keep changing from time to time so that modern business needs are met. The Waterfall Model could not support these changes.

It made the cycle of development longer and invited unwanted costs. Also, the result did not yield much profit. It couldn’t feed dynamism and hence, evolution. Thus was born the need of Agile.

What does the future hold for it?

future of software dev

Modern-day software development in Kolkata has ditched the age old ‘writing’ of custom-developed codes. Instead, it is now more dependent on the components. The rise of cloud-based approaches is largely responsible for this.

Applications are no longer produced from scratch. Rather, they are assembled from components that previously existed or those that are sourced from elsewhere.

Such a source is known as an open-source, and is the latest buzz in the industry. Here is what the concept is going to look like in the future:

  •  Coding is going to be democratised.
  • If you have an idea about GitHub, you should know that the talk is exactly about. The platform is exclusively for code-sharing and behaves like a social networking site for programmers. It has made coding and software programming a lot easier and more affordable.

    And then, it also enables version control, which is of great help if projects driven by communities are considered. In short, the platform has democratised the processes of crafting applications.

  • Risks will come in plenty.
  • While the Agile methodology has enabled rapid and continuous processes of development, there have come up new risks, too. Because the components of an application come from open-sources, they are often reliant on other components. This is known as ‘transitive dependency.’

    Such dependency results in complicated applications, especially, when a supply chain is in question. The more the complexity, the higher is the risk of management and security. A flaw in a component can mean a major vulnerability in the application.


    However, this is can also be considered as flexibility, because such components can be checked and corrected. There can be frequent version updates and betterment made – just the thing we need for adapting software to changes.

  • It’s going to be the era of libraries!
  • Remember C? Well, C++ replaced it. Then came Java and Perl, followed by PHP and Python. Ruby is the latest. With every new programming language, the way of expressing code has turned more organic. However, the booster behind all the languages is libraries.

    C++ lacked it big time. But, Java had it. The scene was even better in PHP because it is rich in reusable libraries of code, and backs database and web processing. Thanks to these features, we can now build sturdier and more intricate software systems.

  • Skills will be the focus.

Yes, producing the best application shall now demand expertise. Software engineers will have to possess the following skills:

  1. Ability to solve issues 100%. Problems are bound to show up in some form or the other. The technology or the programming language used doesn’t matter anymore. If problems are left unsolved, the application is going to fail.
  2. Urge to learn. Because it’s a dynamic field, the expert handling an application will be expected to be a learner, a fast learner to be precise.
  3. Talent to describe the abstract. If you are a coder, you will have to spend a lot of time naming things you create, like classes, methods, and variables. And, you really need to be clever in doing this.
  4. Handling people. Because you are going to create applications for people, you will have to make them understand the idea in plain tongue. The friendlier you are, the better.

Are you ready for the coming times? Are you competent? Gear up soon.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

In case, you have started your own business and are trying to excel even more, one of the most important factors that you should consider is contacting a renowned web designing and development company. But, at the same time, you should not just mull over the cost factor; there are also other important factors that should come into your consideration and they include:

renowned website designing and development company

  • The overall experience of the company
  • Their skill and competency
  • Whether they provide search engine friendly websites or not
  • The kind of web service they deliver

Before you spend a considerable amount of money, you should make sure that you get the best value of your money. A good company will actually understand your overall web development and designing needs and will always be ready to provide you with the best solutions. So, it’s highly suggested that whenever you opt for a venture for your website as well as application needs, you should make a wide research and then only pay a good amount of money. It will not only save your money, but will also help you get the desired result in real short notice.

Here is the brief of few important things that you must notice before you approach a company:

  • The presence of your company in the web is very much essential and choosing the right website development company actually has a greater significance. One of the most important factors you should remember while hiring an enterprise is that it creates 100% responsive website.
  • You should also notice that the website of your venture has either pre-designed theme or custom-designed ones. The fact that the users world-wide are now making use of multifarious devices to go online, you should make sure that they become able to go through your site quite comfortably as well as easily.
  • You should also ascertain the fact that your website is built on the Content Management System which explains that you can easily manage your website as per your needs.
  • You should always remain capable enough to add new posts as well as pages in your website and as Content Management System is one of the most effective platforms for creating highly functional web pages, it’s really important that the website design company you hire facilitate you with the same amenity.

Lee & Nee Software Exports Ltd is a renowned website designing and development company that specializes in superlative as well as innovative web design. Moreover, the company has a good reputation for not only making your website look beautiful, but for also creating things that work great for your business. The high-end experience they possess in the web logo design and web development has made the venture a highly preferred choice.

If you really want your business to flourish extensively, it becomes your sole responsibility to take recourse to come unique strategies that would fortify the success of your company to every extent. Web designing comes here as an effective means to take the reputation of your company to a higher level.

website design


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E-commerce is the abbreviated form of electronic commerce. It is very popular at present and it exploits the Internet to the hilt in order to trade its products and services. With the advent of smart phones, besides ecommerce, mobile commerce has also become very popular. If you take a look at the market and the industry as a whole, you will notice how many new businesses are cropping up. Most of these businesses include IT firms. With these companies on the go, website designing, ecommerce, digital marketing is getting popularized. The buzzword from every nook and corner is ecommerce.

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In almost every industry, there’s a specific level of documentation needed so as to retain business continuity as well as vital records for future reference or use.  The problem lies in the storage of these documentations, especially in the medical industry, where records continually increase over indefinite period of time. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use the documentation software.

Software documentation is generally created for electronic storage of a huge amount of data in a single location. This facilitates easy access to the required files, offering better convenience in sharing and managing documents, and recording important details for future reference. Features such as file conversion, image capture and better search potential, together with the customization facility makes export documentation software a sensible choice for any business.

Possibly, the most common variety of documentation software is used in the medical sector for storing and accessing huge amount of patient records. The software often consists of additional functionality like appointment fixing and the capability to track and control activities. The main objective is to make the medical record-keeping system more specific and streamlined. Professionals associated with the medical sector hugely benefit from this kind of software; from speech pathologists to physical therapists, and just about any other professional in between.

One more sector that benefits from this documentation software is that of the education. This kind of software helps teachers or mentors in monitoring the progress of the students, recording grades and scheduling follow up sessions – all of these can be easily retrieved with a single click of the mouse. With educational documentation software, the teachers can easily share documented details about a pupil with his/her guardians, efficiently and instantly.

As for the technical documentation software, it’s extensively used in different areas of software development and programming. This type of program proves helpful for storing product development details, user manuals and detailed code. A lot of these programs easily collaborate with others for allowing easy file conversion between two or multiple platforms.

In this fast moving age of Internet business, website designs have an important role to play. As more and more websites come up on the Web everyday, the demand for a good website designing professional has also multiplied. All successful as well as upcoming agencies are enthusiastic about running a successful website. In fact, every keen investor or business proprietor aims at improving the prospects of his/her business via the Web; this is the main reason why website designing has turned out to be a prosperous business these days.

website designConsequently, website designing presently forms an important part of the website development process. Constructing stunning, eye-catching and user-friendly websites have better effect on the users than the uninteresting ones. This is exactly where the role of website design comes in India. Websites or web pages with the best layout will surely win over the prospective users or subscribers. Hence, websites are one of the most powerful tools than a business may have for drawing customers straight to their business. This, in turn, helps individuals in attaining their business goals.

website design company Website designing is a complicated process, involving a detailed understanding of the process; a good website design company in India should be capable of transforming your business Web aspirations into actuality. Instead of employing a template given by your domain provider, seek help of a professional web designing agency that’s capable of creating a bespoke website. All in all, its services should meet your business needs. Besides, it’s never advisable to outsource your designing needs to other nations offering cheap services. The reason behind this is that there are language barriers, and you can’t explain your detailed business needs to them. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a website that’s nor appropriate or suitable for your target audience or customers. All in all, it’ll end up in business loss. So, hire a native designing professional or company that understands your individual business needs.