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Developing a mobile app is indeed a great idea if you have a mind-blowing business idea and willing to bring it to life. With advancement in technology, mobile apps have become quite popular with people of every age group.

Approaching a reliable Android company in India and developing a mobile application is almost like a blessing in disguise for small, medium, and large-sized business owners. Staying away from those small development mistakes will also become easier. Avoiding those is a must if you are willing your business and mobile app navigates without any hurdle.

Android Company in india

Few Development Mistakes The Best Android Company In India Can Help You Avoid

Viewing Mobile Experience As A Minimised Web Experience
Even though they might look similar, a mobile app is quite different from that of a website so the development process also differs. They differ in size, functionality, and scope. An app can never do all the same things like your site. Your android company should develop an app which you can access while travelling, is customisable, and have more intuitive touch interfaces. Instead of using those pre-established functionalities or designs, a delightful user experience can be created by using the available hardware.

Neglecting The Utility Of Monetization
Monetizing an app without being aware of its consequences can do more harm than good. If you are really willing to make some money through your app, simply opt for some in-app advertising. Blend the various monetizing options so that you can choose one that suits your project the best. You can pursue the correct path with ease if you become pro-active from the early stages of the development process. Organising the apps through their popularity and genre will help you understand how popular apps are monetizing.

Insufficient Platform Considerations
With so many platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows being available for app development, choosing the best is a bit tough. Since Android is a free and open platform, its popularity is enhancing gradually. Leveraging Android will help you create a custom mobile app. All you need to do is approach the best android company in India and the process will become simpler. They have experienced developers who can discuss with you the advantages you can reap by selecting Android.

Not Doing Enough To Sell Your App
If you are one of those business owners who think that their mobile app is going to sell itself, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Even if you launch the most advanced and functional app, they have to struggle with thousands of competitors. Unless you have a comprehensive plan to sell your app, enhancing their visibility and targeting the right audience will become tough. Start by identifying the issues that the market you are targeting might face and then develop an app that can solve those.

Since the mistakes stated above can prove fatal for your mobile app, take the aid of the best android company and let their skilled developers deal with those!


If rewinding few years of life could be possible, we could experience the moments dating back to the typical school days. Imagine those first five minutes of those days when teachers are busy with the chunky attendance book that takes a massive time. Also the sight of library room where the librarian taking a glance of the fat register to see your last returning date of a book makes you excited.

But time has changed and Kolkata and its surrounding suburbs need speed and time simultaneously. Thanks to the technology that has already given an opportunity to manage a school with a special database that the teachers and student time.

School Management Software in Kolkata

Know more about the field where a school management software rules.

1.It’s Vital To Personalise Student’s Experience:
Smart schools do not believe in the concept of reading, memorising, giving exam and repeating. Schools have become a place of sharing between teachers and students. Student’s records have been tracked individually by sending SMS or mail to their guardians about the exam, results, parents-teacher meeting. Sometimes, they (students) have been sent informative links through SMS that may enhance their knowledge.

2.Partnering With The Parents:
Involvement of parents is important in every nitty gritty of their children. And only a database software that is specially designed for sending information about the exams, attendance, performances via SMS empowers the student’s integrity and parent’s responsibility.

School Management Software in India

3.Effective Course Management:
Tracking the multiple signs of progress that could be effective in in-class progress as well as after-class time, by the teachers, students and the parents with a database management saves time and helps gather more knowledge. Only a well build School management software in Kolkata generate the whole procedure accordingly.

4.Flawless Fee Management:
Collecting fees is really a hectic job if it could be processed with lots of paper-work. It could take a whole frantic week and numbers of staff to maintain the fees of a school. And eliminating this part with the help of a developed database has proved it as the best paperless and flawless management that save time, energy and money (as you have to pay the staffs). Parents also benefit since the school management gives them the opportunity to pay the fees online.

school management software

5.Strong School Administration:
And you know, a school management is more than just a parents-teacher meet or collecting fees or sending details to the parents via SMS. The chaotic admission process plays a vital role here. The management needs to take care of each applicant, selected candidates, their percentage, dates of counselling and admission. Do you think all these are as easy as a pie? Not at all. An organised administration needs a really organised database.

Now, you have already known the quintessential need of school management software. Why you wait? It’s time to get in touch with a software company full of adept developer and boost up your institution at once.

Are you thinking about updating your school management software? Don’t waste your time to think about it. Make it happen. The world is updating in a light’s speed, why not your school administration?

The school management work is one of the tedious works ever. Maintaining the data about the students’ names, classes, results, salaries of the teachers and the staffs, admissions is not so easy. Doing it successfully is the result of engagement and dedication of a bunch of workaholic people. But installing the school management software is the best way to save you money and time.

The main function of this software is to maintain the administrative activities of an institute. This software makes the process of data collecting, retrieval and storage faster and easier. This software makes your institute free from the conventional system of file management system.

The Main Features Of A School Management Software:

1. Strong Fee Management:
It’s the most monotonous as well as time-consuming work of an institutional database which has been changed dramatically by this school management system.

Here are the lists that are processed by this application regarding fees:

  • Complete records of Due and submitted fees.
  • Create a reminder for the pending fees.
  • Fully compatible SMS pack.
  • Generate advance fee bills.
  • Refund the fees easily.
  • Imposing news feeds middle of the session.
  • Imposing fee-related news to individual students.School Management Software

2. Transportation Management:

  • The school management software in Kolkata,India proves to be the most useful software for those Schools that provide buses for their students and staffs.
  • The programme holds the following details:
  • Easily manage routes and halts.
  • Route wise attendance of the students.
  • Creating a reminder of the vehicle document expiries. (regarding license and insurances)
  • Vehicle wise profit and loss statement.
  • Keep records of the drivers.

3. Admission Procedure:
Admission is the biggest modus operandi of a school that happen every year. The software works on:

  • Prospectus selling.
  • Providing unique ID for every student.
  • Keeping the complete details of all parents.
  • Emergency contract facility.
  • Photo upload facility.Admission Procedure

4. Library Management:

  • Record of issue and return of books.
  • Applying fine for late return.
  • Keeping track of write off books, magazines.
  • PAC feature for students.
  • Subscription and receipt of the newspapera, periodicals.Library Management

5. Academic with Result Cards

  • Customised according to the state educational board.
  • Graphical representation of student’s performance.
  • Student performance online.
  • Send SMS of student performance.
  • Send SMS for homework.Academic with Result Cards

According to Wikipedia, software development covers ‘computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing.’ In short, it includes everything that can happen within the realm of conceptualising and initiating functional software.

If we go by this definition, the domain includes mighty bits like Programming Languages, Algorithms, Data Structures, and what not! You need to sit in front of a computer and incessantly experiments things with these tools. ‘Software engineering’ has been mothered by this very domain, don’t you think?

However, over the years, a new term has outpaced the concept. ‘Web development’ as we know it, has become mainstream as of now. It is in demand and every professional working in the digital space is harping on about it.

Web Development Company

Unfortunately, it still is a vague term. Web developers sometimes belong to organisational categories like product management and at other times to design. Where did it go wrong? What’s the confusion about? Where’s the missing link?

Here’s the clue – what do you call a person who writes codes?

Now, a software development company in India will employ professionals who can ‘write’ the following:

  • Database queries
  • Backend codes.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript.
  • SQL

progeammer writes codes

Interestingly, professionals in this field cannot limit their speciality to just one amongst these tasks. They have to know it all. Or to say, they will eventually end up doing all the tasks. They are the creators of templates; they are the ones who concern about terms like ‘backend’ and ‘frontend’

Found the missing link?

Yes, web development arises from the very core of software development itself! Let’s go back to the times when Yahoo! was talking about ‘web development’ and had even framed a role for the potential domain. The company was trying to make a mark in the changing times.

In a sense, Yahoo! was the company that actually inspired the evolution of every web development company in Kolkata, other parts of the country and even beyond. By the same token, terms like ‘frontend engineer’ also came up. This was the time when Facebook and Twitter didn’t hold the reigns of the digital world and Google was known as a search engine.

The concept has come of age.

Yahoo!’s contribution has given birth to present-day methodologies like progressive enhancement and interfaces like open APIs. Frontend already received its glory a decade ago. Today, we are talking about UI, UX, and web interfaces that are utilitarian, which is nothing but a payoff of the past attempts.

software development company

So, now you know, web development has ‘engineering’ in every bit of its existence. It is software development which pumps as the domain’s heart. The rest of the creation keeps on developing dynamically on this very base. Thus, a person who creates web application should also be a master hand at software development.

At present times, when there’s a digital war going on between the search engines and social media networking sites, it is essential that you understand the two fields are overlapping. Do let us know what you feel about it.

In the field of technology, India has come a long way. The last ten years has saw a massive change in the software development sector. With increasing demand of software requirements for kinds of business, software companies in India have been lucky. The software and web development process is now more consumer-oriented. The country serves as an important platform for reputed program development companies.

Software development services in India

The reputable software development companies in India make the best techniques and practices to prove their skill globally. All the website owners or businessmen across the world are not aware of the required comprehension in the software development field. So, instead of hiring professionals internally and spending a lot on the monthly salary, they prefer outsourcing the job for developing different software and applications.

The reputable software development companies located across different metro cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad follow a stringent SDL (Software Development Life) cycle. Expert professionals, which include project managers, quality analysts, program testers, software architects, researches, developers, and so on execute these tasks. This makes easy for the customers to get a quality product, within the stipulated timeline. The affordable costs are also a major aspect in choosing Indian companies for development.

The procedure for software development is unfathomable, and it becomes a tedious job to select the right enterprise to outsource the job. India has a number of software development companies, which offer the best quality of software solutions at competitive prices. These offshore companies in India are agile in eminent technologies and competently deliver outstanding results. The cost-effectiveness and high quality products make India the most desired and congenial destination for outsourcing software development tasks.

Growth of software development companies in India

In the past couple of years, with establishment of major IT giants, the software development companies in the country have grown immensely. The companies have created a strong grip over the software development industry.

Job prospect for a software developer in India

Today, nobody even dares to think of surpassing the IT boom in the country. However, along with growth, the challenges are increasing as well. This overwhelming growth has created a huge competition among the top-notch companies. Each company is working and planning to outdo the rest and stay on the top of the success ladder. Multinationals are also offering attractive salary package to the skilled developers. A software development company in India recruits developers on the basis of technical skills and years of experience. A good command over communication skills and English language put them on an extra edge. As software developer also deals with project management and budget planning. The software development field in India is growing and a person with the right skills can reach the zenith.

Android applications created a revolution in the ‘Mobile Application’ market. This operating system (OS) devised by Google created a strong buzz in the Smartphone application industry. This operating system is free and is easily available to the developers. It has attracted a large number of mobile phone makers and hand held gadgets, due to its open end structure.

Android has a very user friemobileapps_bigndly software development kit. This kit is actually used for developing android oriented mobile applications. The kit gets updated, during the up gradations of each and every android version. Google’s operating system SDK allows the programmers to write the codes for bringing about the necessary changes into the system.

No matter you have a small company or a leading company for software development India or anywhere else; you will always want to exploit the opportunities offered by the android application market.   Competition is very stiff and thus every single company will like to offer these services at an affordable price. This competition offers a lot of advantages to the end users. You can now get quality apps at quite a modest price, thanks to the healthy competition between different companies.

Software companies that manufacture such android oriented mobile applications have a bunch of talented developers. They employ the best professionals of the industry. So, as the end user, you can reap immense benefits by hiring a company, offering quality android application development India, or anywhere else. These services can usually be of 2 different types. Onsite services usually refer to the work done from client’s office aandroid application developmentnd offsite services refer to the work done from the development company’s office. Offsite services are also known as ‘outsourcing’.

Choosing such developers is never that easy. You need to look for a professional specializing in android applications. These professionals should also offer a user interface. Companies having a decent industrial experience usually offer a better service. The application must run with equal efficiency from different android devices. A development company must also offer with app testing service apart from the development.

A company offering most of these services is certainly the right one to choose.

Software development and android app development are adding new dimensions to the technocratic world. Here is a scenario of these fields in India.

The world in which we live is rapidSoftware development Indialy changing due to the huge development of technology. It has so become that technology runs us. Most of the things that we see around us run with the help of technology. Cars, trains, bussed etc now run with the help of computers. Education is also becoming more computerized. The reason behind this shift is that computerized technology is more reliable and un exhausting. This system has led to the efficiency of processes. All these take place with the help of software’s. However, there is no doubt about the fact that there is always a human brain behind these newly developed changes. In a similar fashion, the android market is also storming up the market. Android is the new face of this generation.

If you want to know more about Software development India, it can be said that there are companies who are now competing with software development companies around the globe. Indian companies are now outsourcing their work and creating a strong field. There are various software development companies who provide every facility and features which are needed. Software engineering is now high on the rise. India is producing dedicated and intelligent software engineers who are making the field even more firm and strong. Such skilled professionals are making the country proud. There are such software development companies in India which are equipped with the best quality features with every application system available.Android app development

Mobile applications are now heating up the global tech market. All the mobile companies like Apple and Blackberry are shifting their focus towards creating new ideas for new apps. It is now turning out to be a race between mobile companies. Android is the most popular base of this mobile application platform. It is the new market of new generation. That is why; android app developers are in high demand. Android apps development India is also not far behind. They are a successful name in planning and designing such android applications which have caught the attention worldwide. Big business hubs are therefore tying up with android app development companies in India. Their motive is to target the global audience. Android app development companies in India are now a successful name in the market of android.

Search engine optimization is an important marketing strategy in this age of internet. Lee and Nee softwares (Exports) specialize in providing high quality result oriented SEO services and internet marketing strategies to improve the ranking and inflow of traffic of your website.seo services

Search engine optimization, can be broadly defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a webpage in a search engine’s natural search result. It elevates a certain website in rank so that it appears higher in the search result page and as a result, gets more visitors. SEO generally targets different types of search like the image search, local search, video search etc. SEO is basically an internet marketing strategy, which considers how search engines work, what are people searching for in the search engines the actual keywords that are being typed and the search engine which is most preferred by the people. SEO is basically an internet marketing strategy which markets, promotes or lets people view a specific product. It is of various types like the social media marketing, the E mail marketing, Referral marketing, content marketing, Web analytics and many more. All of these are aimed at the simple fact that Websites are modified so that a larger number of people are able to view it.

Optimizing may be done by using different techniques.HTML and associated coding, editing its content are often done to increase its relevance to a specific target audience. Lee and Nee softwares (Exports) ltd. is an IT and IT enabled Service providing Company which is head quartered in Kolkata. It is serving the industry for more than two decades and has earned a reputation in t11362533-software-development-concept-in-tag-cloud-on-white-backgroundhe It sector and especially in the field of seo services india. LNSEL has expanded its wings in business on the basis of its right mix of intelligence and experience. LNSEL boasts of an excellent infrastructure and skilled man power to deliver excellent service to its clients and to meet the ever increasing standards of the industry.

LNSEL is one of the famous Website Services company Kolkata to provide SEO services. It is a quick, reliable SEO service provider which drastically increases your websites rating and increases the traffic significantly. LNSEL is a premium service provider in SEO sector which provides high quality and the best result oriented SEO services in India. Equipped with the presence of the best SEO services and Internet marketing team, LNSEL assures you to achieve top 10 rankings in all the major search engines around the world.

Software development is certainly one of the most vital things for a business organization. Without a proper software package, you will never be able to maximize the business goals of your company. Although many business enterprises have developed turnkey applications for use in the entire business cSoftware Developmentamaraderie, you will often come up with different tasks and requirements that can only be fulfilled by a reliable program development company. Before looking for a program development company, you need to take certain things into consideration.

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea about your needs and requirements. Then only you can find a reliable program development company. Talk to your management team about the software layout. You need to focus on the purpose of the software and on the real end users. Some programs are meant for client tracking, finance or data management etc. So, the purpose should be clear to you right from the outset.

Create a mock blueprint so that the software designing company gets a clear idea about your specific needs. If you do not have any experience in this industry, simply put together a list of all the different functionality you need. Moreover, you need to plan on the budget and the time period before hiring a software development company India or anywhere else for that matter.  YSoftware Developmentou should never invest in a service that is beyond your financial reach. As the work progresses, you can easily alter your budget considerations as per your needs.

Every software should consist of a safe and secure interface. So, you should always explain your needs to the developer before signing the final agreement. Ask for some sample software applications to judge the credentials of the company. Program development involves a significant investment and so you need to get a good value for your money.

No matter you are looking for a program developer or a reliable website services company Kolkata or anywhere else, try to verify their credentials from their previous clients. Ask your friends and relatives to see if they have any suggestions. The referral system is a very good way of finding a reliable service provider.

Once you get certain about the credentials of a program development company, ask for a price quote and try to come to a negotiation. This will certainly make you successful in your venture!

Every business enterprise these days, face a steep challenge of developing a quality software. A lot of companies have come up with turnkey packages for use in the entire business world. But, on numerous occasions we come up against certain tasks that demand a permanent solution. One can noBlackberry apps developersw opt for any of the software development services. These include ASP.Net, Java, CRM, iPhone oriented applications, Web development, Flash design etc. Every business enterprise prefers to hire a software company that can develop secure and creative software applications at affordable prices.

Before opting for any of the software development companies, you need to take certain things into consideration.

Understanding your needs

Assess your company’s needs before anything else and focus on the real end users. Different software’s are designed to satisfy different purposes. Some may be designed for managing finances or data management for that matter. So, you need to have a clear idea about the purpose of the software.

Make the basic layout

Before hiring any of the software development services in India or anywhere else, create a mock-up software layout to explain your needs clearly. This will help the software company to get a clear idea about the functionality you need. Also explain your security needs clearly before finalizing the deal.

Deciding on the project venuesoftware development

A lot of companies keep on raising their prices if there is any change in the project venue. No matter you need an iPhone application manufacturer or blackberry apps development India or anywhere else, you should always finalize the project destination at the outset. Even if you come across any fresh requirements (after the final deal), prices should not vary too much.

Experience is the key

Before hiring any of the software development companies, always emphasize on their industrial experience. Also gather as much information as you can about their competitors and compare the range of services that they offer. You can also ask for a sample or demo software application before finalizing the deal. This will give you a clear idea about their credentials. Also ask them to offer a rough price estimation, the completion time and their technical support details.

This will certainly help you to find the right one!