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Google keeps bringing changes to its search ranking algorithm. While some are only little tweaks, others leave serious impact on SERP (search engine results page) SEO. Following are the most important algorithm changes in the recent years. Let’s see what different updates were about and how to stay safe with them.

Google Algorithm Updates

  • Panda – Introduced on 24th February, 2011, Panda algorithm is meant for duplicate, plagiarised content, keyword stuffing and user-generated spam. Quality Score sent by Panda previously used as a ranking factor. Though it was used as a filter, Panda has been incorporated in Google’s algorithm since 2016. Panda penalties may be avoided by checking sites for thin or duplicate content and keyword stuffing.
  • Penguin – Introduced on 24th April, 2012, Penguin algorithm is meant for irrelevant and spammy links. The algorithm down-rank sites with links that seems to be manipulative. Penguin has also become a part of Google’s core algorithm since 2016. To stay safe with Penguin, keep track of growth of your site’s link profile. You can check it on a regular basis with a dependable back link checker.
  • Hummingbird – Introduced on 22nd August, 2013, Hummingbird is meant for low quality content and keyword stuffing. The algorithm helps Google interpret search queries in a better way and accordingly provide better result that matches user’s intent instead of any individual term within the search query. Hummingbird enables a webpage to rank for a given search query even without containing the exact word/words the searcher looks for. And this is actually done by means of natural language processing based on co-occurring terms and synonyms and semantic indexing. If you want to play safe with Hummingbird, you need to expand the periphery of keyword research and instead of solely depending on the keywords, you should emphasize on concepts. You need to research co-occurring terms, synonyms and relevant searches with utmost diligence. And for better ideas related to this, you can depend on Google Autocomplete and Google Related Searches. Any reputed SEO service in India you hire to optimize your page is likely to take care of this update as well as others.

    SEO Specialist

  • Pigeon – Launched in 24th July, 2014 in US and on 22nd December, 2014 in Canada, UK and Australia, Pigeon targets poor SEO, both on-page and off-page. It focuses on the searches where the researcher’s location plays significant role. Pigeon closely ties together local algorithm and core algorithm. With this update, conventional SEO criteria are being used for local results. To stay safe with this update, you need to put special effort into both on- and off-page SEO.
  • Mobilegeddon – Introduced on 21st April, 2015, this algorithm is vigilant about if there is any lack of mobile version on a webpage. Poor mobile usability is the key hazard, as it comes to Mobile update. Mobile update, also known as Mobilegeddon, makes sure your page would rank higher if you have made it mobile-friendly. Webpages that are not properly optimized for mobile can be down-ranked. To stay safe, you need to make your page mobile-friendly and focus on the speed and usability.

These are just some of the leading Google algorithm updates. Updates like Rank-Brain, Possum and the latest, Fred are also there. All of them together have changed the meaning of SEO and helped to incorporate better SEO techniques.


Are you unsure if your business needs the expert services of an SEO company or not? Well, here comes a piece of good news. Businesses show certain signs which indicate that they need the assistance of an SEO company for development, helping you to make an informed decision. All you need to do is understand these symptoms and make the right decision!

Any business, regardless of its size, age, products and services can hire an SEO services company to get a competitive edge in the industry. Since understanding the intricacies of search engine optimisation is very challenging, complex and time-consuming, seeking assistance from a reliable SEO expert can indeed be an informed choice. Professionals remain up-to-date with the latest developments and can thus help you safeguard your business with the right SEO strategies.


Here are a few tell-tale signs which indicate that your business really needs the services of an SEO company to boost its marketing efforts!

4 Signs Your Business is in Need Of A Good SEO Services Company in Kolkata

  • Lack Of Web Traffic
    You may have created an eye-catching website for your business with everything that is required for promoting your sales. However, you may not be getting the traffic you had expected or see a sudden dip in traffic due to some underlying mistake. Since this may indicate a number of things it is always wise to seek assistance from a reputed agency that can help you avert these problems and optimise your website.
  • Your Business is Growing Rapidly
    As your business starts expanding, handling each and every aspect of it may be difficult for you. While you may think that you can afford to have an in-house team due to this substantial growth, the reality is that your team members will not have the essential expertise for improving your online presence. Availing expert services from a leading SEO services company in Kolkata can thus be a wise decision since with their vast experience and extensive knowledge, they can guarantee you success.
  • Your Competitors Rank Higher Than You
    Knowing how you perform against your competitors is a great way to assess the success of the marketing efforts you have put in. However, if you see that your competitors outrank you consistently in the search of those high-value keywords, seeking assistance from SEO experts can indeed be a wise decision. Ranking well in the various search engine pages is mainly a combination of relevancy and authority. While you may think that this can be done on your own, having someone who has an understanding of how Google interprets these two factors can actually help you gain a competitive edge.
  • Unsatisfied With Your Present SEO Partner
    It’s true that there are several SEO companies out there who cannot deliver the expected results due to their inabilities and poor performance. Consider symptoms like low SEO visibility, poor communication, inadequate content marketing as warning signs and look for a reputable company which boasts of a proven track record.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a renowned SEO service company and escalate your business to new heights!

Okay, so we are done discussing the prime aspects of what’s cooking in the Search Engine Optimization kitchen of 2015 ( However, there are other smaller tidbits that demand equal attention.

SEO 2015, Part 3

Let’s come to the point straightaway. Here’s what you need to worry about, additionally:

Why play it complex? Simply your URLs and UX:

A visitor on a website scrolls, clicks, notates and performs so many functions using so many different tools. Your site might be very clean and quick in responding. But, there’s no harm in making it pass a free Website Auditor test.

Check the on-page status of the site. See to it that there are no redirect or encoding issues, and missing meta tags or homepage content. Such problems must be attended to immediately, to avoid glitches in the site’s performance.

Ask the SEO service in India you’ve hired to check for these errors and boost optimization accordingly. Remember, User Experience is a crucial thing. One wrong move and your website will be as dead as a dodo.

The next big thing is the site’s URL; its integrity needs to be kept at a check. Avoid dynamic URLs, which are completely data-based and lack relevant keywords. Broken links and 404 errors must be resolved immediately to save search ranks. Rely on your webmaster than anything or anybody else.

Beware of negative Search Engine Optimization:

negative Search Engine Optimization

This year, under-the-hat beings will pose a bigger threat to your website than anything or anybody else. For the past few years, this black-hat technique has been causing nuisance for optimization experts and webmasters.

2015 might witness the biggest hazard to businesses caused by such dubious people. Beware of spammy links created by suspicious people. These poor-quality links take down visibility because they are penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm.

The threat will be more for the big players. Small sites will not have to suffer much, all thanks to their relative obscurity. But the sites which are high on competition might be the prime targets.

Of course, link building has been about a lot of inbound links, quality or no quality. But, the present-day optimization kitchen detests the bad odour or spam. More is not better anymore; search ranks get clogged when you use the tactic.

Focus on the journey rather than the destination:

Search Engine Optimization is a not a one-day thing. Neither it is a one-result work. In fact, optimization of websites should go on forever. You cannot stop after you have reached the first position of the first page of search results. You need to keep it maintained.

seo ongoing process

You optimization attempts should accompany the site throughout its entire life, continuously assisting it to improve and stabilize its rankings, update its content and make its brand more visible to its target audience.

In short, Search Engine Optimization is something, which you can never fathom unless you are ceaselessly doing it, uninterrupted. There are newer things coming up every day along with massive algorithm updates. The kitchen is undergoing a huge revamp, like we discussed earlier. It’s time to play safe and stop being the victim. The mantra is to have the urge to achieve mastery and not to hang on to old, useless notions of website optimization.

Oh yes, this installment ends here. So, there’s no coming back for the fourth part. Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great time optimizing your website this year!

The Search Engine Optimization kitchen is soon going to get a revamp. What’s cooking? The same, old recipe, but in a different flavor.

seo services

Do you remember the website optimization industry of yesteryear? Does it have any resemblance to the industry of today? Well, evidently, there has been a sea change. And the tide is still on its high.


Online marketing is the most enthralling technique to promote any business worldwide. It takes your product to a global market.

SEO strategy for multi-location businesses

Virtual presence with expert consultation

In recent times whether it is a manufacturer, exporter, supplier or a service provider, all are making business through excelling website. A website is nothing but a miniature of your company in audio –visual form. It will have a concise detail of your company’s product. Since everyone is having an online presence these days, thus is a tough competition. So just having a website is not enough. Search engine optimization(SEO) plays a paramount role here. It is a magnificent tool that will make your website stand distant among your competitors. The visibility of your website in the virtual space increases. Search engine optimisation is essential to get your website rank in the top of the search engines.

There are many SEO consultants available these days who offer culminating service .They have a brilliant team of master minds. These experts are well versed with the knowledge of information technology. They are into continuous search to explore the most effective strategies for promotion of your website. Research on the current market trends are a priority for them. These IT professionals will be proficient in bringing tremendous traffic to your website.SEO strategy for multi-location businesses is also integral if you have business in different locations. Your local SEO technique has to be outstanding to help you in achieving your goal. The know-how of the every minor and major aspects of Search engine optimisation is very crucial.

Local listing

Better understanding of the SEO tools

Proper organisation and emphasis on all locations is utmost necessary. Managing the data and the content of various portals should be carefully handled. The most difficult part is maintaining a strong social media presence. Make sure the statistics are correct and accurate. This will be influential in increasing your visibility at different locations. Equal importance has to be given to each page of your website. On site promotion is a key factor that brings success to a business. Distribution of the local data and its efficient management with centralized optimisation is a core factor. The content used have to be target oriented .Each should be very precise in the message it wants to convey.

The stronger is the content; the chances of attracting the targeted audience will be much higher. Analysis of the competitors in the virtual space and the strategies used by them is also necessary. This will be helpful in letting you to frame a better strategy for your own website. Developing an impeccable internet brand will be an icing on the cake. Recognition of your brand can come through various techniques. Blogs which are self hosted are very attractive. Give enticing articles in your blog. It should not only be informative but also very new and refreshing. These concepts as well as many other techniques will affirm a good multi level marketing.


Choose the most acclaimed professional

For this seeking consultation from best professionals in the industry is utmost essential. There are many small as well as large scale SEO consulting companies available these days. The Search engine optimisation is the key to confirm strong online visibility; it has become a fast growing business. One must do an extensive research before choosing the most proficient in this field. Make sure you go for the one who will offer exclusive services at an affordable price. Their existing clientele list will be convincing of their existing reputation in the market.

Nowadays, in the era of rapid industrialization when multiple organizations are rising in a continuous pace to root their existence in the ultra competitive market then there should be something unique in each and every company that would differentiate them from one other in no time. Here comes the term ‘SEO’ to give each organization or firm a unique identification that, consequently, helps them gain an instant recognition by public.

How Much Time Does SEO Take to Start Working

Apart from it, an effective SEO service also plays a major role in the publicity of a newly emerged company. The fact that Search Engine Optimization helps a company website to come in the top rank while searched by any kind of search engine has made all the business owners take recourse to SEO experts.

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Now, obtaining desired results from Search Engine Optimization is not something that you can get hold of just in few days. Researches have been done and it is found that, it takes a minimum time of 3 months for initial SEO results, 6 months time for noticeable SEO results and maximum 12 months for an impactful SEO results. It actually depends on so many SEO factors like how much SEO work has been done on the site previously, how long the site has been around, how effective the quality of the contents is and also what form the website is in.

Here is a compact delineation of SEO works in the initial months:

Month one: Making a vast research is something what SEO experts think to be very important to be done in the very first month. As soon the research and discovery process will end, it will take less time for the SEO experts to start with the technical changes. Otherwise, a thorough research procedure will itself take more than a month, thereby delaying the entire process to a great level.

How Much Time Does SEO Take to Start Working 2

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Month two: In the second month, certain modification works based on the site audit results are done and in such case, overhauling the website has a great significance. The overhauling procedure is not a job that ends in a day; rather, it needs a serious dedication from the experts and then only, the chance for the website coming in the top rank gets bigger. Moreover, other SEO activities like building content on the web page and working on the link profile can also be done at the same time overhauling is being done.

Month three: This is the part where rigorous attention is given on the content section. Starting from blogs and articles to FAQs and whitepapers, everything gets scrutinized in a systematic manner. If it’s done in a coherent, you can start seeing the positive results from this month only.

Month four: Technical optimization is the must done in this phase. By this month, you can expect to see an increased ranking of the page as well as a noticeable traffic augmentation.

Month five: With an aim to increase direct traffic, the SEO experts prefer to go for social media management.

Month six: From this month, your activities will be solely restricted into content creation and promoting the same to a significant level.

SEO services in India have earned a matchless fame with the running pace of time. With numbers of companies taking recourse to SEO services, multifarious enterprises have popped up, offering impeccable SEO solutions to businesses of different category. All you need to do is make a right contact and widen the path before you to come in the top rank as soon as possible.

Designing and development of a website is the first stage towards marketing. In order to make it universally known to all, it must be given ranking through certain technical process which comprises SEO techniques.

banner1 (1)

Internet Marketing Strategy

In the age of high technology, internet usage has increased up to a high level. It is the network of networks. A network is formed by interconnection of all the components in a particular pattern. Today many e-books are available which has reduced the pain of suffering caused due to unavailability of hard copies. Video conferencing with live chatting and message sending like advanced facilities have made life easier.

Similarly, marketing through online processes have made the strategy easy. In other words, the evolution of digital marketing has enhanced IT industry up to a certain height. It involves promoting the products and their concerned websites through various ways. Some of the techniques used by Seo Company in India include:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Blog Comments
  • Forum Comments
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Brochure
  • Grey Hat
  • Black Hat


With the fast moving world, the concept of business has become internet oriented. Thus SEO has become an innate part of entrepreneurship because showcasing to sell is the ultimate key to business success nowadays.

seo services

The present world seems to be a bit superficial about making decisions. People get carried away easily with whatever attracts them visually. Thus if you are an entrepreneur and aspire to make money in this world, then surely you must learn the art of showcasing your products and services. With the blessings of the internet and Information Technology, it has been possible for the businessmen of today to get in touch with a sea of customers through the online platform. It’s a fact that in the current scenario, a major share of the target groups is available online and they take decisions only after researching through the company websites. Thus if you are not equipped with a perfect website for your company then surely you will lose out on a major business profit. Again, having only a website is not enough to funnel in your target customers onto your web page. You need to indispensably make your website search engine optimized.

Why is SEO indispensable?

search engines

Search Engine optimization or SEO is a process by which the ranking of a website is increased in any search engine such as or The SEO experts execute a plethora of activities to make this happen. A lot of business knowledge is required which is integrated with technical skills for yielding the best SEO solutions. In today’s market of extreme competition, making a website is unthinkable without incorporating SEO in it. The website developers provide this service along with creating the website and generally it’s a compulsory part of the package. Well, there is no use of a website which is not visited by the target customers. Thus SEO services are something you are bound to bank on.

What exactly do the SEO experts do?

seo services

The SEO companies have separate technical and creative teams which work together to make the client company’s web page top the list on the search engines. They firstly analyze and understand the working system of the client company. Then they decide on the probable category of searches made by the target customers of the company. The keywords are highlighted accordingly. Apart from this, the contents are prepared in such a way that the target group gets attracted to the titles and the anchor texts. The result is an increase in web traffic to the client’s website. As a consequence, more leads are generated for enquiry and the sales people of the company can en-cash the leads to generate business. In this regard the city of Kolkata should be applauded for because of its huge potential in the SEO art. Any SEO Company in Kolkata has the right people in the right tasks as far as SEO is concerned. The experts invest a lot of time and labour to find out the exact strategy to pull in more web traffic. Thus they perform excellently in this field and that also in minimized rates.

All the web development companies are fulfilling the uprising demand of the clients through their skilled solutions. Their task guarantees an increment in the number of visitors through unpaid manner.

search engine optimization