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If you need an open, complete, and integrated suite of server, business applications, and storage solutions for your company, Oracle is simply the software you need. Over the years, it has turned out to be a blessing for the in-memory database market. This segment is growing at a steady rate and is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 19% within 2020. Its growth is gradually enhancing as the complete focus of the high-tech organizations is on releasing real-time analytics and extreme transactions. An in-memory database solution has almost become a necessity as a huge amount of data is being generated that makes it easier to extract value from the data.

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What Exactly Is An In-Memory Database?

For someone not aware of the term, it is a type of database where you can store every sort of critical data in Flash, DRAM, and SSD. The data can be stored either in a single or distributed server and helps in supporting different kinds of workloads like operational, transactional, running on-premises, analytical workloads, or in the cloud. Numerous vertical industries are using these top in-memory database workloads as real-time apps that require low-latency access to important business data. Operational efficiency can also be enhanced using IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications.

How Has The Modern Market Changed?

The method through which data is perceived in the modern market has changed. The data are being treated as a form of capital as they can provide the companies with deep insights into their customer profiles. They can craft new corporate strategies and so generating revenues become easy. The way the modern market has evolved, it has become necessary for the companies to digitize data before processing and they need to do it faster than their peers. The in-memory database solution offered by Oracle has helped a great deal in supporting next generation transactions, operational insights, and analytics.

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Oracle And In-Memory Solutions

Such being the situation, approaching a reliable company offering Oracle solution in Kolkata has become the need of the hour. It is not only about dropping a database on DRAM memory or flash storage with a server but provides the perfect in-memory solution. Rather than being those standard IT solutions, the in-memory solutions offered by Oracle is an IT solution that helps a company to enhance its revenue and provide more cost-saving opportunities.

Why Is Oracle Gaining Popularity?

One of the prime reasons why Oracle is treated to be the ultimate leader offering in-memory solutions is its flexibility and choice. Business owners have the freedom to choose between different solutions and deploy applications according to their business requirements. Few of the applications are specially designed to suit larger in-memory footprints.

The cloud based management platform offered by Oracle is exactly what has set it apart from the other solution providers. While the products offered by others can be cloud deployed, Oracle offers a comprehensive platform that has been especially build and designed for the cloud. Approach any company offering Oracle solution and reap the benefits of increased security, improved data mobility, and unique in-memory innovations!


Are you an administrator responsible for managing the daily activities of a college? Do you think that managing the regular activities of an educational institution is a herculean task? Fret not. All you need to do is choose the best and most effective college management software for your institution!

Whether it is a school, college or a university, effective supervision of educational institutions has always been a top concern for the people associated with it. While it’s true that initially administrators had limited options since most tasks were done manually, the scenario has changed now. Administration software these days come in different shapes and sizes for various types of institutions and administration needs. However, with the introduction of ERP software, managing an institution in an organised manner has become easier!

Wondering what makes these systems so beneficial? Then take a look below to get your answers!

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6 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Colleges Management Software In India

1.Brings Accountability
By using ERP, the administrators of an institution can never do away with their accountability and responsibility. Not only do they have the power to check various things regularly but they even need to maintain their regular duty of careful monitoring and checking of several functions.

2.Adds Integration
Various functions of an institution are independent and dependent on each other. Thus, the integration of each of these functions for data gathering, calculation and generation are essential for effective supervision. It is here that the need for ERP comes to the picture since such software can do everything for you. The data stored on it can be utilised for compilation and generation whenever you want.

3.Reduces The Total Cost
There is no denying the fact that the cost of day-to-day supervision of a college is huge and in most cases, these occur due to excessive paperwork. Since ERP can bring down the usage of paperwork, it reduces the overall organisation cost to a great extent.

4.Brings Professionalism
By opting for colleges management software in India, one of the greatest benefits your institute can avail is that it brings professionalism at various levels of the institution. With the introduction of ERP, you can have a platform which has the ability to convert most desk jobs. This reduces the overall workload which usually arises due to unnecessary paperwork.

5.Brings Transparency And Clarity
The management of a college remains liable to various regulatory bodies. From audit departments and tax officials to trustees and much more, the administrators are accountable to various authorities. Since ERP stores the data securely, several issues related to the transparency of data and accounts get resolved.

6.Induces Better Relations
Any efficient ERP software can help the administrators to have a new virtual campus where students can easily interact with the management. The administrators can convey various vital messages and information while students can check the important messages and information. This results in better students-management relationship.

Now that you know what makes these so beneficial, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to invest in reputed college management software for effective supervision of your daily activities!

If you are looking for efficient management software for your college, you will definitely come across numerous companies offering the following in India. Not only is the tool useful for simplifying tasks while running the institution but also saves sufficient time and money. Few of the vital tasks offered by it are managing educational process, alert stakeholders in real-time, track students, study dashboard reports, improve your efficiency, and help you undertake informed decisions.

Since the advantages offered by the tool are numerous, it’s high time you start looking for a reliable company offering it. Negligence to choose the best among them might have a negative impact in your education system. Not only will it lead to exorbitant cost, but is also counter-productive and time-consuming. The best is to take few factors into consideration before choosing the software.

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Few Points To Consider While Choosing Colleges Management Software In Kolkata

Your Goals
Though there might be numerous reasons for which you are deploying the software, you need to understand your primary goals and targets. Choose a tool which can cover all the vital aspects of your college. Make sure that achieving your enrolment targets becomes easy after it has been implemented.

The security of your data is very vital in today’s world and its importance can only be realised after your advanced security system has been breached. Look for a company who can provide you with transparent and genuine information about their security. Check single sign-in, data redundancy, robust role-based permissions, IP access controls, and multi-factor authentication, among others.

When you are choosing colleges management software in Kolkata, you should not only compare their benefits and features but also their price. Look for a software which is not only within your budget but also fulfils all your requirements. Compare the cost quoted by different companies and the features offered by each tool.

School management software in kolkata

Each college differs and so does their management. Opting for a customisable software is really helpful if you are willing to serve numerous users simultaneously, irrespective of it being hosted on-site or on the cloud. Opt for a company engaged in designing flexible models to support the complexities of your management system.

Following the tips stated above will definitely help you choose software which will help you run your college without downtime, besides enhancing the efficiency of your staffs.

If rewinding few years of life could be possible, we could experience the moments dating back to the typical school days. Imagine those first five minutes of those days when teachers are busy with the chunky attendance book that takes a massive time. Also the sight of library room where the librarian taking a glance of the fat register to see your last returning date of a book makes you excited.

But time has changed and Kolkata and its surrounding suburbs need speed and time simultaneously. Thanks to the technology that has already given an opportunity to manage a school with a special database that the teachers and student time.

School Management Software in Kolkata

Know more about the field where a school management software rules.

1.It’s Vital To Personalise Student’s Experience:
Smart schools do not believe in the concept of reading, memorising, giving exam and repeating. Schools have become a place of sharing between teachers and students. Student’s records have been tracked individually by sending SMS or mail to their guardians about the exam, results, parents-teacher meeting. Sometimes, they (students) have been sent informative links through SMS that may enhance their knowledge.

2.Partnering With The Parents:
Involvement of parents is important in every nitty gritty of their children. And only a database software that is specially designed for sending information about the exams, attendance, performances via SMS empowers the student’s integrity and parent’s responsibility.

School Management Software in India

3.Effective Course Management:
Tracking the multiple signs of progress that could be effective in in-class progress as well as after-class time, by the teachers, students and the parents with a database management saves time and helps gather more knowledge. Only a well build School management software in Kolkata generate the whole procedure accordingly.

4.Flawless Fee Management:
Collecting fees is really a hectic job if it could be processed with lots of paper-work. It could take a whole frantic week and numbers of staff to maintain the fees of a school. And eliminating this part with the help of a developed database has proved it as the best paperless and flawless management that save time, energy and money (as you have to pay the staffs). Parents also benefit since the school management gives them the opportunity to pay the fees online.

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5.Strong School Administration:
And you know, a school management is more than just a parents-teacher meet or collecting fees or sending details to the parents via SMS. The chaotic admission process plays a vital role here. The management needs to take care of each applicant, selected candidates, their percentage, dates of counselling and admission. Do you think all these are as easy as a pie? Not at all. An organised administration needs a really organised database.

Now, you have already known the quintessential need of school management software. Why you wait? It’s time to get in touch with a software company full of adept developer and boost up your institution at once.

Are you thinking about updating your school management software? Don’t waste your time to think about it. Make it happen. The world is updating in a light’s speed, why not your school administration?

The school management work is one of the tedious works ever. Maintaining the data about the students’ names, classes, results, salaries of the teachers and the staffs, admissions is not so easy. Doing it successfully is the result of engagement and dedication of a bunch of workaholic people. But installing the school management software is the best way to save you money and time.

The main function of this software is to maintain the administrative activities of an institute. This software makes the process of data collecting, retrieval and storage faster and easier. This software makes your institute free from the conventional system of file management system.

The Main Features Of A School Management Software:

1. Strong Fee Management:
It’s the most monotonous as well as time-consuming work of an institutional database which has been changed dramatically by this school management system.

Here are the lists that are processed by this application regarding fees:

  • Complete records of Due and submitted fees.
  • Create a reminder for the pending fees.
  • Fully compatible SMS pack.
  • Generate advance fee bills.
  • Refund the fees easily.
  • Imposing news feeds middle of the session.
  • Imposing fee-related news to individual students.School Management Software

2. Transportation Management:

  • The school management software in Kolkata,India proves to be the most useful software for those Schools that provide buses for their students and staffs.
  • The programme holds the following details:
  • Easily manage routes and halts.
  • Route wise attendance of the students.
  • Creating a reminder of the vehicle document expiries. (regarding license and insurances)
  • Vehicle wise profit and loss statement.
  • Keep records of the drivers.

3. Admission Procedure:
Admission is the biggest modus operandi of a school that happen every year. The software works on:

  • Prospectus selling.
  • Providing unique ID for every student.
  • Keeping the complete details of all parents.
  • Emergency contract facility.
  • Photo upload facility.Admission Procedure

4. Library Management:

  • Record of issue and return of books.
  • Applying fine for late return.
  • Keeping track of write off books, magazines.
  • PAC feature for students.
  • Subscription and receipt of the newspapera, periodicals.Library Management

5. Academic with Result Cards

  • Customised according to the state educational board.
  • Graphical representation of student’s performance.
  • Student performance online.
  • Send SMS of student performance.
  • Send SMS for homework.Academic with Result Cards

Let’s ask ourselves this question – why do we implement ERP? – For better reporting within enterprises; for simplifying tasks; for the cloud and of course, the analytics.

In fact, Enterprise Resource Planning can be the most effectual investment a company would ever make. Everything gets integrated – finances with sales, human resources with production. In short, it takes a company to the next level of progress, turning it into an entity of versatility and heightened productivity.

But like they say, ‘with success come challenges.’ Our technologically minded world is dynamic and ever-changing. It needs to be refreshed every now and then with innovation and better ideas. ERP solutions are no different. They are often questioned – WHAT NEXT?

ERP software

So here we are, with this year’s latest trends; as of now they are defining what we call Enterprise Resource Planning.

1. Hybrid-Cloud Model

All-cloud Enterprise Resource Planning could be the future. But, at present, the market experts are favouring the hybrid-cloud model. Organisations that use it merge their cloud applications with the on-premise ones.

In short, it’s a way of utilising the essence of both the worlds. Needless to say, this should be the final nail in the coffin of the ‘cloud vs. on-prem’ debate. Should your company be needing ERP in Kolkata, make sure to opt for the hybrid model.

2. CRM Frenzy

This is a special craze with consumer-centric companies. The period is that of heavy recession and the performance graph of most business entities is fast declining. Not using customer data to their best interest could be a possible threat to such companies. This is why purchasers of the software suite are demanding CRM to be infused in it.

ERP system

3. Mobile ERP

Nobody would deny the rising use of smartphones and tablet PCs. These devices have gripped us all for good. Companies have noticed this trend; they wish to customise the suite, so that it complies with the changing technology. All Indian ERP companies must meet this growing appetite for mobile Enterprise Resource Planning.

4. SMB Adoption

Until now, Enterprise Resource Planning was a preferred (rather, affordable) solution for large sized businesses and top industry players. However, the hesitation has been overcome. Today, small businesses are adopting it as well, despite the intricacy and cost.

Interestingly, a large chunk of the SMB industry still cannot get the hang of the software, except that it helps their business. It has thus, become the responsibility of the ERP companies in Kolkata and beyond to explain the nitty gritty of the suite.

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As of now, these are the hottest trends in the market. And it won’t be stopping here. Like we discussed, the field is dynamic. It will always keep asking – what next?

Originally targeted as a business management software, Enterprise Resource Planning aka ERP is an application suite using which, an organisation can manage data yielding from various operations.

Today, this integrated suite plays a vital role in Educational Institutions, easing the way different roles are carried out by students, teachers, management, staff, guardians, and alumni.


An ERP in such an organisation also assists in the reproduction of data whenever needed. It is a complete solution for Human Resource, Payroll, Inventory, Library, Hostel, Accounts, Events, and Meetings.

An Educational ERP comprises of the following modules:

  • Institute Management
  • Enrolment Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Student Administration
  • Alumni Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave / Holiday Management
  • Fee Management
  • Salary Management
  • Examination Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Progress Report Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Database Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Security Management

Why should a school/ college/ university have an ERP?

Modern-day educational systems are turning more and more complex. Expectations for the best performance are always ruling, in fact, soaring. Every institute must think about how to organise people, activities, and technology in a simplified way.

A digital campus, hence, is very much essential. And this campus should be easy to manage and expand. It should make interactions uncomplicated and help in the formation of a robust academic-non-academic community within the campus. This is exactly where ERP comes into play.

ERP benefits

What are the benefits of ERP solutions for Universities?

The benefits are manifold and multifaceted. The suite not only helps in Management, but also in the Administration. It is not only for the teachers, but also for the students. It helps not only the alumni, but also the parents. Here are the advantages in brief:

  • Management

The integrated software makes it easy for everyone involved in the campus to access records under one roof, accurately, and in a timely manner. An ERP for educational institutions is more like a medium of communication for the teachers, students, parents, and staff.

It is aimed at saving time and raising productivity. In short, it is meant for a smooth management of the institute and helps in quick, transparent decision-making.

  • Administration

ERP solutions for Universities play a huge role in the field of administration. Easy access to reports is one of the prime advantages. Moreover, it also assists in the circulation and publication of these reports. Like in management, the software is effective for running a productive administration with less labour and in less time.

  • Faculty

It helps the teachers in managing attendance and performance of students. Via this suite, a faculty member can organise class reports and examinations online. It is also an effective platform to interact with parents, plan lessons, let out projects to students, and avail institution-wide data.

  • Students

From a student’s perspective, the software is a platform to communicate with teachers regarding academic matters. It helps in sharing knowledge and accessing the library. Through it, a student can sit for online examinations, work on projects, and share views. It is a great way of displaying individual performance in the midst of a crowd.

  • Parents

Via a University ERP, parents can keep track of their child’s performance in the institute. They can also keep themselves updated about the institute’s activities and interact with teachers and staff. The suite is necessary for effective communication.

  • Alumni

It is a great platform for students who have graduated from the University to keep in touch with the faculty members, present students, and staff. They can use is as a knowledge sharing platform and even as a channel to manage and access their academic data.


An Enterprise Resource Planning suite can be the most valuable asset to an educational institution, especially its students and faculty.

Does your institute have it?

If you are looking to implement an ERP solution for your Organization, it is important that you know the various points of impact in advance.

Numerous organizations are now confronting new emerging home markets while seeing an outstanding growth in the blending markets. They are driven by enhanced technology and advances that are changing the financial aspects of transportation as well as manufacturing scale.

Also, different types of open approaches and administrative mentality are the two major factors making more open markets all through the world. The outcome is very obvious and with globalization spreading from industry to industry, you need to be very conscious whether you have just started your own business or have already gone a long way.


With the ERP system showcasing its immense capabilities nowadays, it is no more a problem to secure a great standing in the world market .One of the greatest advantages of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework is being able to know precisely what’s going ahead inside your organization at any point of time. As an ERP framework covers almost all the functions inside your business, it’s very much capable of giving an immediate picture of the whole state of affairs inside your organization.


There is high demand and strong uptake in the market of systems such as SAP and ERP. That is why; organizations all around the globe are introducing these technologies in their work system.

erp solutionTechnological innovations and indispensable dedication have led every field of life to a different level. The business organizations are attaining huge benefits by introduction of sectors such as ERP and SAP. ERP and SAP are basic essentials to enterprises, however big or small. They have been proven to make efficient changes to the functionality of a firm and increased its integrity to a large extent. ERP which is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning helps an enterprise grow in terms of every department that it contains. It simplifies and plans the growth of the enterprise. Similarly, SAP which means System Application Product can provide an organization with all kinds of centralized databases which are necessary for applications which are needed in an organization.

SAP for steady growth:

SAP Partner in India can provide organizations with easy and practical business solutions to help the rise of business organizations. They are leading provider of software and products for business purposes. The basic reason behind its huge success is the technological inattentiveness that it provides its partners and co-partners with. It has grown its demands in the market and has been a leader all the way. According to the requirements and needs of a company, this system can be customized and up-graded at the same time.

ERP to help plan your business:

ERP is one such broad system which has earned attention of the global market in a very short span of time. ERP implementation leads to the smooth running of a company. That is why; many companies are providing ERP training to their own employees. ERP is such a system which simplifies the way of running a company. A company has many sectors to look into and each sector is equally important. There may be the accounts sector, finance sector, production sector, sales sector etc… The authority has to divide it into different modules to present an overview of the each sector in particular. But ERP helps to create a single version of each of the units clubbed together. This makes the functioning of the company a lot easier. It was developed with the motive of planning the proper utilization of resources of any enterprise.

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The ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning software is required to incorporate all the major operational sections within a company to work as a whole. This software helps in the easy flowing of information and exchange of ideas that initiates the swift decision making leading to the increase in the yield and profit margin of any organization.

This software lends a corporation the strength to function faster but in a approach that is well organized. If you feel that your organization cannot bear the expense of one time installation of this software, you can opt for modular packages. However, different organizations have different needs and installation of modular software is essential to meet up with the dynamic requirements of a company.

You need a high-end ERP software solution for keep pace with the shifting requirement in the economic world and separate yourself from your competitors. A lot of strategy and a huge cost is involved in a proper implementation of the software though it compensates the requirement of any investment in the long run.

This type of software is most desirable as it accommodate the requirements of industries in every sector like manufacturing, healthcare, IT and government sector. The most important benefit of this software is its easy scalability. The data can be accessible from anywhere whenever required that results in the increasing of the level of production.  This is the reason why most organization are searching for a topnotch ERP Company in India for providing the best software service in a pocket friendly price.

This software not only supports the marketing and sales related issues of organizations but also keeps the record of production, distribution and inventory of an organization. It also plays an important role in positioning the right person in the right job. It also has a lot to do with customer care service were it takes up all the customer queries and make sure that deliveries are done on time.

Many web development and web hosting in India have stepped into developing ERP software for their clients. You can choose any one of them from the website. However, before you do so, do not forget to get a review of their work through the clients testimonials provided on their websites.