An eCommerce Website Design Company Speaks About the ‘Elements of Trust’

Posted: January 22, 2016 in ecommerce website design

What makes an online shopping site click? Apart from great products? Well, it’s TRUST!

Online consumers like to make purchases on sites that are secure and have great control over buyers’ privacy. After all, a lot of bank details and personal information go into the attempt. If a person is disclosing his credit or debit card information, or even his address, it is taken that he expects the best of the site.

ecommerce website Design Company in Kolkata

Did you know, nearly half of the percentage of consumers ascertains the trustworthiness of a shopping site based on its appeal and content? No, there’s isn’t any hard and fast rule for designing an eCommerce website.

However, it’s always good to stick to the basics so that the site remains trustful. And, when it comes to a successful venture, this aspect definitely matters. Here are some of the ‘elements of trust’ every eCommerce website design company in Kolkata should know and apply.

A functional search button



Online buyers are largely dependent on the search button of shopping sites. The more intricate the site is, the better should be the search functionality. In case it fails, consumers may exit without making a purchase.

Moreover, the search should be filter-enabled, so that a user can sort and screen what he needs from what he doesn’t. This element, also called customised search, can bring in huge profits.

A section for product information

Remember, buyers are ever information hungry. The more you feed them, the more will be your credibility. Let’s say you are selling clothes.

People would want to know about the fabric, colours, and needless to say, price. Make sure you present the information in a clear and precise manner.

A section for product review

product review

Online shopping sites should welcome positive and negative reviews with equal zeal. A neutral appearance is needed to instill trust in the hearts of consumers.

Further, this section is an amazing way to start conversations and enhance activity. It also throws light on which products work and which don’t.

An easy-to-understand shopping cart

When a buyer goes to the shopping cart, it should show him the products clearly along with the overall amount which he needs to pay. He should also have the liberty to remove or add products and apply valid discount coupons.

Furthermore, the checkout process should be transparent. The site should be clear about shipping charges and taxes. In no case should the buyer feel stuck in the middle of the process.

Please keep in mind that trust builds over time depending on how the site has performed. Great user experience is a must and the elements of trust are in plenty. This is just a small list of the fundamentals in eCommerce website design.

Lee and Nee Software Ltd

Does your site lack any of these? Incorporate it now. Did we miss out on any point? Do you have something to add to this list? Feel free to speak your mind in the comment section.


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