SEO 2015, Part 3: The Final Installment Ends With the Tidbits

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO Services

Okay, so we are done discussing the prime aspects of what’s cooking in the Search Engine Optimization kitchen of 2015 ( However, there are other smaller tidbits that demand equal attention.

SEO 2015, Part 3

Let’s come to the point straightaway. Here’s what you need to worry about, additionally:

Why play it complex? Simply your URLs and UX:

A visitor on a website scrolls, clicks, notates and performs so many functions using so many different tools. Your site might be very clean and quick in responding. But, there’s no harm in making it pass a free Website Auditor test.

Check the on-page status of the site. See to it that there are no redirect or encoding issues, and missing meta tags or homepage content. Such problems must be attended to immediately, to avoid glitches in the site’s performance.

Ask the SEO service in India you’ve hired to check for these errors and boost optimization accordingly. Remember, User Experience is a crucial thing. One wrong move and your website will be as dead as a dodo.

The next big thing is the site’s URL; its integrity needs to be kept at a check. Avoid dynamic URLs, which are completely data-based and lack relevant keywords. Broken links and 404 errors must be resolved immediately to save search ranks. Rely on your webmaster than anything or anybody else.

Beware of negative Search Engine Optimization:

negative Search Engine Optimization

This year, under-the-hat beings will pose a bigger threat to your website than anything or anybody else. For the past few years, this black-hat technique has been causing nuisance for optimization experts and webmasters.

2015 might witness the biggest hazard to businesses caused by such dubious people. Beware of spammy links created by suspicious people. These poor-quality links take down visibility because they are penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm.

The threat will be more for the big players. Small sites will not have to suffer much, all thanks to their relative obscurity. But the sites which are high on competition might be the prime targets.

Of course, link building has been about a lot of inbound links, quality or no quality. But, the present-day optimization kitchen detests the bad odour or spam. More is not better anymore; search ranks get clogged when you use the tactic.

Focus on the journey rather than the destination:

Search Engine Optimization is a not a one-day thing. Neither it is a one-result work. In fact, optimization of websites should go on forever. You cannot stop after you have reached the first position of the first page of search results. You need to keep it maintained.

seo ongoing process

You optimization attempts should accompany the site throughout its entire life, continuously assisting it to improve and stabilize its rankings, update its content and make its brand more visible to its target audience.

In short, Search Engine Optimization is something, which you can never fathom unless you are ceaselessly doing it, uninterrupted. There are newer things coming up every day along with massive algorithm updates. The kitchen is undergoing a huge revamp, like we discussed earlier. It’s time to play safe and stop being the victim. The mantra is to have the urge to achieve mastery and not to hang on to old, useless notions of website optimization.

Oh yes, this installment ends here. So, there’s no coming back for the fourth part. Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great time optimizing your website this year!


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