Managing a Brand like Nike Does: Branding Secrets and Tips

Posted: April 23, 2015 in branding

What’s popular amongst passionate athletes? Two terms –‘Workout’ and ‘Fitness wear brands.’


While exercises are dependent entirely on the athletes, brands are about personal choice and taste. The more famous they are, the more they woo gym goers. For instance, whatever and whoever could beat Nike, the unspoken king of fitness merchandise? So, what really do the managers of this amazing brand do to keep the fame going? What are their strategies? If given a change, what would you like to learn about ‘branding’ from the gurus of American branding structure? Well, here are the secrets:

Focus on the very basics, which most people ignore:

Brands can either be consumer-focused or product-focused. Clear this doubt about the type of product you are selling first. Nike focuses on consumers, more precisely, serious-minded athletes. And, what do these consumers need? ‘Gym tees, tank tops, sweats, shorts, caps, hats, and footwear’ is the answer. This is a very basic aspect about branding. If you are not sure about whom to target, product development will never be in your cards, let alone marketing.

Unconditional delivery of relevant merchandise:

If you are a consumer focused brand, follow the Nike rules and identify your key type of user. Next, you are supposed to unconditionally deliver products that will meet users’ needs out-and-out. If you are supplying soft drinks to someone who is interested in music, things would not work out smoothly. Rather, supply grass for the herbivores and meat for the carnivores. The omnivores will automatically pour in. It is that simple.

Nike brands

Look at Nike again. It is not just a shoe seller. It manages other products like warm-ups, shorts, jerseys, headbands, bags, towels, water bottles, and a hell lot of other items. Don’t you think the company’s an all-rounder?

There’s no litmus test to ascertain the type of brand you own. It is you and you alone who can determine this. Of course, the purpose of your merchandise will guide you. Still and all, if you want to make it big like Nike, follow what this big player does, how it manages customers and markets products. Success, then, will just happen like magic.


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