Things which You Should Opt For to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Posted: March 11, 2015 in responsive web design

Now when mobile searches have become popular like anything, it’s very much natural for Google to put even more importance on the mobile performance of the website. Variegated researches have been done by several specialists and it has been found out that mobile internet searches have increased to a significant level, when desktop searches have experienced a noticeable decline by the year 2014.

mobile website

To see the momentous hike in mobile searches, it can easily be assumed that the only website will be able to make its place at the top list while being searched by any search engine that is highly responsive to mobile devices. Here are some ways through which you can help your website to become SEO-friendly

  • You must make a responsive website so that the mobile users do not experience a tough time while searching in internet. With people fraught with tablets and smart phones all capable of accessing internet, it’s really important that the users have a good experience whenever they go to access internet from their devices. Now, a website may look outstanding when seen from a desktop, but may completely lose its appeal while being accessed by a mobile device. Responsive website here comes forward to make the webpage look exactly same even when visualized from a mobile device.
  • It’s true that you can easily use your website to have multiple URLs for numbers of devices. But, you should always remember that using more than one URL at a time may make you face variegated errors. Thus, you must make it sure that you are using only one URL and in some other words, your site is a one-URL site.
  • Certain extended software packages like Pop-ups or Flash are full of every potential to make a web site slow and sluggish. Using such software can also affect the compatibility of your web page with different mobile sites, reducing the performance of your page. Here, all you can do is customize your software packages and use only such software that will be beneficial to your website.

responsive website design

At last, you should use a fitting navigation and make sure that you are using proper fonts in your website. You should not use such font that users will have to undergo a tough time while zooming in and out the content of the site.


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