The Centralised System for The Educational Institution is the ERP Solution

Posted: June 21, 2014 in ERP solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software application which is widely known as ERP. It is a centralized platform which centralizes all the departments of the company. ERP is a highly specialized software which the educational institution now a day’s relies on.

erp solutions

It helps the students and the faculty members in improvising, learning and for the better development of other skills.

Main aims:

 The main objectives of ERP solutions for Universities are highlighted below:

* To centralize the educational institution and to computerize all the departments. This is the ultimate step to keep track records of all the information’s together.

* The examination procedure is also computerized. During the 21st century when everything is depended on technology then why should education still rely on primitive methods. Results are also declared on the Universities websites and the scores are kept highly confidential and secured.

* It is a very cost effective method as it helps in the curtailment costs of maintenance and support.

* The information of the students are kept in record and they are issued with Smart cards. For any information the students can login to their profile anytime and anywhere.

benefit of erp

Advantages of the ERP implementation

* It is a centralized platform which is highly reliable.

* The records and all the information’s are kept confidential and secure.

* It is a cost reducing method and hassle free as the trouble of paperwork and record keeping is not there.

* The departments are kept at par with each other and it helps in the overflow of all information amongst everyone.

* From the admission procedure to Alumni all can be done under one roof that is through this ERP solution.

As now a day’s everything is technology based the educational institution is also adopting new and upgraded means of technology. The finance and accounts department is very well maintained with this unique business management software. From human resource management to project management it can tackle all easily and swiftly. It minimize errors and saves time and expenditures. It is a very important tool in maintaining the statistical data. Thus the ERP is indeed a great software system.

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