No follow Links – The Positive and Negative Impacts

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Internet Marketing, SEO

Nofollow links are referred to those back links that instructs search engines that a particular hyperlink is not relevant and should not influence the target ranking of the link. This helps to reduce the effect of various internet advertising on standard websites. Originally those links were regarnofollow linksded as spam. At present no follow link indicates that whichever page it is linking out to, no endorsement of that page is done.

The Origin of No Follow

This link was incorporated in:

  1. HTML 5 specs
  2. HTML 4 specs

It was brought to existence by the 3 mothers namely: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

When blogs became popular, people observed that links were preferred by search engines. As a result, ranking signal got positively or negatively affected. Moving on, people crafted easier ways to get links and spamming was inevitable. No follow link came as a solution to this problem.

How No follow became Paid Links?

It was announced by Google that no follow should be used to block the paid links which pass credit.

Using Paid Links – Good or Bad?

These kinds of links can be used for those websites that produce widgets or Infographics. Using a link here will lead the link back to the home website. Let us take a look at some of the prime reasons why PR’s and SEO’s should not ignore no-follow links.

  1. Traffic – The links that you place in your website, if they are relevant will certainly drive traffic. Even thnofollow linksough if you initiate a rel=”nofollow” , the proper placement of the link will surely drive numerous visitors. You need to keep this in mind that the conversions will be beneficial for your website rather than the reference website.
  2. No Follow to Follow – This transformation from no follow to follow can open up new avenues for you. When a group of people find that you have included a no follow link to an authentic website that seamlessly blends with the topic and works as a great reference link, then the no follow link can become a do follow link. They can give you credit and also to the reference website too.
  3. Rankings Improved – The digital marketing world is all about influencing your rank. Within the range of 0 to 10, if you are on the lower side (0-3), this means that you need to improve your online tactics. If it is between 4 and 5, this means that you have an average score and there is room for improvement. Google’s page score is 9, hence, if your page rank is in the range of 6 to 8, it means you are on the right track and you should maintain it.

No follow links with the mention of a brand can be a potential reason behind influencing your page score.

Thus, we see that no follow links are silent influences and they have a lot of power to drive your website and get it incorporated into the good books of Google. Whatever algorithms come and go by, you need to follow the basic rules such that you can keep negative elements at bay. For more details visit site:


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