Develop a Mobile Application and Take Your Business Online in a Smarter Way

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Mobile Apps

mobile appsMobile applications have become ubiquitous in the recent years and have a lot of benefits to offer. These applications are simple, easy, user friendly, free and have the ability to boost the owner’s revenue. With the advent of smartphones and tablets the demand for making mobile apps has risen and the IT industry has received a lot of requisitions for making mobile apps in the recent years.

How do mobile apps help in generating more business opportunity?

Mobile apps have immense potential to generate more business opportunity. This has led to the rise in the number of mobile apps and more web based as well as other businesses have joined the bandwagon of providing services to the customers through mobile apps. Systems such as bill collection, recharge of mobile phones, booking a cab etc. can now be done through mobile phones via the internet.

  • Mobile apps can be downloaded by the mobile phone user for free and is very easy to use and understand. This makes people to use the apps more and avoid the other methods of performing tasks such as bill payment.
  • The merchant can customize and develop its own app in order to provide specific services to its customer such as booking a cab. A transport company can make an app that can be downloaded for free by the customer on his mobile and he can use it to book a cab when needed.
  • Mobile apps do not make the customer to open a web browser, then provide the URL and then locate the website of the merchant. Just a click of the thumb will enable the customer to perform the needful. Hence apps are much simpler and hassle free.
  • Mobile apps are very attractive and help in turning consumers brand loyal. If a consumer is delighted by the service it gets on the app it is quite likely that the consumer will continue to use that app again and again. This ensures brand loyalty which is enjoyed by the merchant.

mobile appsHow to develop a mobile App?

The task of developing a mobile app is more often than not outsourced by the merchant to an IT company. This IT Company houses engineers who are specially trained in developing mobile apps. An engineer from the IT Company will be sent to the merchant’s office to work in conjunction with the merchant. The merchant has to specify its requirements and purpose to the engineer based on which the engineer will design the app. While developing a mobile app the following points must be kept in mind:

  1. The market segment for which the app is being developed.
  2. The purpose of the app
  3. It is to be made sure that the app is simple in nature. Many features must not be crammed into the app
  4. Initially the app should be developed for a specific platform, say Android, in order to check its viability
  5. It is to be made sure that the User Interface of the app is good and it is easy to use.
  6. The app should be unique and must be convenient.

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The Real World of Mobile App Development


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