Reliable Platforms For Business Mobile Application Development

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Mobile Apps

The Internet has altered the way people look forward to a business. In this present technology driven age, different types of gadgets encircle us. In fact, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t use a smart phone. People use smart phones and gadgets for various reasons – browse the Internet, make Facebook posts and comments, keep birthday and business reminders and even online shopping. Naturally, mobile apps are turning into a potential business-marketing instrument.

Android Apps developmentAs a branding device, business mobile applications engage us. It holds on to the existing clients, and even brings on new customers. In short, it helps expand your consumer base. With more and more customers, you double the chances of increased revenue generation. It simplifies and quickens the process of business broadcasting. It also updates clients on business improvements and offers.

mobile appsIf you wish to enter the mobile market, you’ll be happy to know that mobile application development doesn’t require months of work or loads of investment. These days, there are many mobile platforms available to create an application on a budget – instantly and without any coding knowledge.

This is a cloud based mobile application ( builder that you can use for creating applications for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. It entails Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) and full access to its ingrained components. Since there’s nothing to download or install, you can easily get started with your application.

Mobile Roadie (

This is a platform that helps you in creating and managing your own Android or iOS application. It supports all forms of media, using automatic importing of Twitter, RSS or Google News key phrases. It also includes an auto-refreshing fan wall, using which you can interact (chat) with each other. One may use the free Mobile Roadie Connect application for previewing your application, just like your users would do on the gadgets.

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