2014 – The future of SEO

Posted: December 31, 2013 in SEO

The year 2013 has seen various changes regarding net marketing and that too, particularly with Google.

In this year people has seen changes like that of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. These changes have obligated people to make changes in the way that they do internet marketing.


These changes and their consequences have made people think whether it’s the end of SEO. The concept of SEO has definitely changed but the core features of SEO are still the same as it was before. The concept of optimization and involvement of good content still remains. The market has become more competitive and people have to engage longer hours to tackle the changing demands of Google.


There are few things that we learnt from 2013. They are like

  • Google in the year 2013 established its war against spam and it is likely to carry on into 2014.
  • Uniqueness of content is more required than it was before. This development helps Google to have more reached.
  • Blogging is the new concept and it helps to create links. One should be very cautious in developing their links as they are with their strategy about internet marketing.
  • You should make a way of backlink reviews and do online audits so that you have a complete control over your website.

seo in 2014The Future

  • Social media is now an integral aspect of Google. Through this interaction Google will be able to analyze in more depths what is liked by people most and which one is not. In a similar way you should change your social manoeuvrings in such a way that your presence can be easily felt in these social media.
  • You should make necessary steps so that your web articles and links are well established in Google Plus. This social feed is not linked with SEO but it is where Google ranking starts so that’s the reason it is necessary. Only being associated with Face Book is not sufficient now.
  • Only publishing unique content on your website is not sufficient. You should make sure that they get linked with your social network too. You can rely more on blogs not only to share but also to show the search engine the liveliness of your website.
  • You must have a mobile website. This is a must now a day.

new face of seoThese are the future of SEO in the year 2014 to come.

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