5 Ways Content Marketing Must Change In 2014

Posted: December 19, 2013 in content Marketing

There are many of us who want to expand or improve our business. Content marketing is the flavor of the season and is one of the most popular inbound marketing approaches in the recent times. This form of marketing deals about providing relevant information to the readers, thereby building alertness and attraction among the target audience. It helps to drive profits and concentrates on the changing customer behavior.

So, if you are one of those who are unaware about the ways to increase your business space in the virtual world, then the following points will help you to give you an idea on the importance and role of content promotion.

  1. Social networking to play a key role in content marketing
  2. Visual content to be more popular among the readers
  3. Proper content strategy is important to achieve the desired results
  4. Mobile content marketing to play a key role
  5. Location based marketing to create a greater impact on customers

Content Marketing

Content Advertising helps you to:

  • Communicate with customers,
  • Distributes facts which are of importance,
  • Studies market fluctuations, and
  • Builds trust between the organization and the customer.

According to a leading media report, key business decision makers plan to get their facts through a series of articles over the internet. Many of them opine that it makes them garner correct information about the sponsoring company. Therefore, one can hardly imagine the endless opportunities of content promotion.

Importance of social networking –

None of us can deny the importance and penetration of social media in our daily lives. Every customer in the social media desires to talk about things which are new, interesting and relevant. It is the process of communicating stories of interest over the World Wide Web. Every one of us likes to be informed about the recent developments around our environment and social media fulfills this purpose very aptly. Not only this, it also helps to retain the attention of the target audience. Important social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter helps an individual to update his or her target audience with the company’s updates. Additionally, an organization also receives feedback from the customers.

Google and Slide share will be important when it comes to content sharing as over the upcoming year as around 40% of people in the present time use this medium as compared to 23% in the previous year.

Importance of visual content –

In the future, info graphics and visual content is sure to become more popular among the customers. Indeed, a picture says a thousand words, as it is regarded as one of the most promising trends to be followed and widely used in 2014.

Information is presented through graphics and animation is used to create and attract clients. Marketers are devising new means as it is an important method for retention of products in the minds of the consumers. Video info graphics, interactive micro sites, and fun quizzes are some of the strategies which are used in the promotion of visual content. The last few years have seen market rise in the usage of this marketing medium.

content Marketing

Role of content strategy –

Many of us are unaware about the importance of planning a successful content strategy in order to extend their business expansions. Marketers in the contemporary world use content widely, but not many individuals plan them in advance. It is important to keep the following pointers in mind while deciding on content strategy:

  • Plan your types of content creation,
  • Decide on the medium of distribution, and
  • Look into the different aspects of your target audience.

Mobile content marketing is vital in shaping the trend of content marketing –

With the number of cell phone users increasing on a yearly basis, there remains no doubt that it is one of the promising and upcoming trends to be watched out for in 2014. Developing content that is readily available at any time of the day is more attractive than the traditional medium. Shorter and more impactful phrases, catchy headlines and more actionable blog posts are sure to grab eyeballs in the future.

Earn huge Return on Investment with location based content marketing

With the rise of smart phones over the last few years, it remains no surprise that the rise of mobile usage has attracted marketers to use this medium in a big way. Smart phones with GPS facility are sure to utilize location and personal information to provide deals that matches a customer’s location. This will be more attractive to a client than a mere brick and mortar storefront. Sales are sure to decline for the traditional stores. Businesses that capitalize on the mobile trend will see more popularity in the future.

Thus, for your business to run properly, it is important to invest in content marketing. It is one of the most effective medium to reach your desired business goals. Not only does it help you to inform customers about your products in an informative way, but it also generates your sales. The number of downloads, order volume and quality leads are some of the parameters to be taken into account to measure the success criteria of your business.


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