Change Your SEO Perception by Replacing Keywords with Topics

Posted: December 16, 2013 in SEO, SEO Services

Online marketing is undergoing a number of changes every day. One such latest development is to replace keywords with query. Therefore you should wisely apply your SEO tactics from now on.

keywordsFor long, search engine optimization had been all about using keywords. The use of these keywords gives high returns. They can either increase your page rank or lower your page score. The digital marketing field has lots of these puzzling tactics by which SEO works. A web researcher knows how to value and judge these keywords.  The term or phrase used as a keyword can keep you ahead in this cut-throat competition. It is a real wonder to think how a keyword can prove to be a strong marketing tool.  With increased traffic to your website, you can at once become Google’s favorite.

The point of concern is that presently everyone is running after keywords. However, to give a new dimension to digital marketing, people need to stop thinking keywords and start thinking subjects. With Google’s rules changing every day the use of keyword is now under strict scrutiny. Hence, instead of keywords, you have to look for queries. A keyword only has an explicit aspect, while a query has both an explicit and an implicit aspect. In the explicit aspect, a query can have metadata or several keywords. It cannot be said what would be the future of keyword. Albeit, there will be some method to save it.

seo keywords

Talking of subjects, it is recommended that people should start to think topics. It is a very normal fact that any new thing gains attention. If the same subject matter is spinned again and again, then people lose interest. As a result the marketing technique fails and stands invalid. Therefore, if latest topics hit the market, then SEO will get a brand new start. The topics sanalysing-keywordshould be impactful enough to endorse your company, its goals and products. You will see your website traffic will increase automatically and you can appear on the first page of Google search.

Thus, SEO practitioners need to be a little careful and wise while using keywords. Repetitive things do not last long. If keywords are modified in some manner, then it can stand a chance in the future. So, start showcasing your imaginative kills – the sooner the better!


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