Alluring Website Features to Increase Visitors’ Interaction

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is very common that we forget about that about the visitor’s to our website. They are the real resources that take our website to the first position There are various ways by which we can increase the visitor’s interaction and make our website a success.

  • Social Media

SMOFor new writings, videos, online books you have to post the link to your social media accounts with a juicy fragment of the content. Use hash-tags to help your viewers find you, but do not ever overdo it then that may seem like keyword padding. Make sure your move toward being completely reader oriented to your objective market in place of being truly promoted. These are social platforms, so use them as being social. It is advisable to really find out where your visitors are situated and then post your link there. It will help you to save time and make it easier for your visitor to approach.

  • Google AuthorshipGoogle authorship

Established Google Authorship to link and to tag your content to increase the transparency with your readers. This lucidity is satisfied by insertion of your author photo in the hunt results when the post ranks and helps to increase the click to your site tenfold.

  • Author Alert

You should add Author Alert Signup Box to your site. The alert helps your visitors to sign up unswervingly on your website to accept an email alerting them when anything new comes up on your website.

  • The Ezine Articles Widget

ezine widget If you add the Ezine Articles Widget to your site to display a list of your most recent available articles from It not only increases your exposure but it also shows your website guests that your time and again bring superiority information, which in turn creates your trustworthiness as a leading authority.

  • Email

If the number of e-mails from your visitors is accumulating on yemailour Inbox then you can generate a review or periodical recap email of lately published articles, videos, and more. It is advisable to include a short enticing synopsis of what the section of content then about and offers a link.

  • Email Newsletters

Alike to an email recapitulate you can add a featured article to your ezine or email bulletin. Write a small, fascinating synopsis to make available a foretaste of the content and then link to it.


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