Challenges Keep Hitting SEO – A Quick Look

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Search engine optimization is the latest topic on the net. You should remain hooked to the internet for updates on SEO.

google algorithm updateWith Google inducting new rules and algorithms, there have been many speculations on what would become of SEO. Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda updates have been constantly setting new rules to threaten search engine optimization. However, SEO efforts are still not fruitless. If you abide by the rules and regulations set by Google, your SEO wouldn’t be affected. You can still be in the good books of Google. Nonetheless, before you start you need to have a brief idea about how SEO works.

In any search engine, when a keyword is entered, lists of web search results appear. It is a normal tendency of all users to search the first page. The websites which appear on the first page are the ones who have high page scores. The reason they have got such high page scores is because of their excellent web marketing tactics. This is what is called optimizing search or SEO. The number of times your page is viewed, traffic increases. There are various aspects that determine your website rank. Thus, there are a number of things beyond websites that is responsible to give a thrust to your website rank.

google hummingbirdThe content and back links are the two most important aspects that determine the status of your page. Your website should have quality content. Too many back links are also harmful. Your website should link to high page rank websites which should be equally relevant to the content.

The surge of SEO has hit many industries. Even the mobile industry is not behind. Mobile marketing haseo processs also become popular and are exploited to the hilt by marketers. Every day new apps are launched. These app developers also have to involve the SEO technique. The apps are updated regularly to match up with the changes in Google updates. Even the ecommerce industry is also gearing up to optimize the holistic practice of SEO.

It can be concluded that the brave new world of SEO is confronting a number of challenges. Till now it has successfully endured them. We can expect that the future of SEO will remain dazzling if it keeps struggling like this.

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