Freelance vs. Agency – The Right Choice for your Website

Posted: November 20, 2013 in ecommerce website design, web design, website design
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In the market there are many freelance web designers as well as web design companies. Based on your research, look for the best option for you that also has special features and is pocket friendly too.

website designAre you a freelance web designer, or do you own your agency? Or, do you have a business, and you are confused between a web design company and a freelance web designer? Well here is some expert advice. Whenever it comes to a website design, remember, it is going to go live on the World Wide Web. Hence, you have to be very much observant of the appeal, the visitors, and the reviews. Post that follows the dear task – whether you need a freelancer or an established company.

Firstly, you should be thorough with your homework. Portfolios are an important means viewing which you can have an impression of what the designer specializes in. You can get the idea of the designer’s prowess and the intricate techniques that the designer is likely to use in terms of graphics or unusual dimensional patterns. If your research is good, it is unlikely that any problem would occur at a later phase. Be it a website company with a team of designers or a freelancer, doing everything single-handedly.

If you are looking for some special skills, depending on what your business niche is, you should search web designers in those particular areas, rather than giving general search criteria. It might be for instance, that you have an ecommerce business. Consequently, your hunt would be for companies specializing in ecommerce website design or freelancers who have a rich portfolio of designs based on ecommerce.

Experience is one important aspect that counts. What would you do when you have to decide between a Web Design Company which is 2 years old and a freelance web designer with 5 years of experience? Or when the case is vice-versa? In any such case, your decision should not be hasty. This is because, if you just go by the years of experience in the industry, it is not mandatory that you would always get the best results. Although in most cases and in general, experience definitely counts.

To touch on other added facets, look for what the freelance web designers have to offer as extra. It may be so, that the web design company India provides you a quote which has all the usual features, which is similar to any other company. On the other hand, the freelance web designer offers you some special features at a price slightly higher; but you are craving for it in order to give an edge to your website. Whatever it is, everything depends on what the business is looking for and of course the volume of work that the business has to assign.


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